w: steven gerrard


A few points need to be made about this:

1. Stevie has screenshotted a photo “6/6” from his photo gallery to post this. 6/6 photos of him and Xabi?

2. It is 8:10 the morning at the time of the screenshot and about 10am UK time when he posts it. (wtf steven have you been staring at it for 2 hours?)

3. He doesn’t tag “XabiAlonso14” because he’s 100% aware it’s a fake account, but continues to persistently, embarrassingly, ‘like’ as many photos as he can from that account.

4. Steven Gerrard is a loser.

*a liverpool love story* 

“My favourite memory off the pitch is when Stevie (Gerrard) and I got locked in the changing room for a few hours. It was funny but I can’t say any more than that.”
— Xabi Alonso on his time at Liverpool FC

yeah we know why you can’t say any more than that xabi, we know

Gerrard: “Xabi Alonso is the best midfielder I have played with. I miss playing with him.” 

and what about that one night in istanbul???

Alberto Moreno to Marca: “Gerrard is a true Captain. He fights for the team with all he’s got and he always puts Liverpool ahead of himself. […] For someone  like me, who’s just getting started in football, it’s a privilege to play with a footballer like him.” Also, Uncle Jamie doesn’t even go here anymore, but he’s the shit! Javi, hold this up… 


“Jordan epitomises everything a captain is. He leads by example, never gives up and works just as hard without the ball as with it.

We are good mates on and off the pitch and I would love nothing better than passing over the armband to him when I call it a day here, not just because he’s a great player but also a top lad. He comes from a great family, a similar family to mine, so it’ll be a very proud day when I hand it over.”

- Steven Gerrard