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I didn’t see anything about this on here, so here’s Shad from Cryme Tyme ironically stopping crime.

“I am tired of seeing how Vince is a racist because of gimmicks such as Cryme Tyme’s gimmick. Newsflash, Paul Heyman came up with that gimmick for JTG at the developmental center and it got over so well Vince decided to use it. Stop blaming Vince for things that was not even his idea. Besides, it got over so well that Vince used it because then there would have not have been a Cryme Tyme.“

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Boxing with @ShadBeast then off to the MTV Movie Awards!


Cryme Tyme Training: Speed

I have no idea who did the narrations for these videos, but they’re perfect. JTG and Shad, prior to debuting in the ring on WWE TV, had a series of vignettes that showed the pair “training”. This one was shot at Planet Smoothie in Louisville, Kentucky, which was ran by former OVW jobber Robert Fury. You can even see Fury taking a few shots behind the counter. At the end of the video, JTG references Fat Tony’s Pizza being next door (which, it actually was). Fat Tony’s was owned by former WWE Diva Victoria.