w: selena g

°*·☪:.。bios selena g °*·☪:.。

i said i love you but i lied because i love selena gomez

nobody’s gonna love selena gomez like me

*♡*∴✧ she is the most elegant princess in the world *♡*∴✧

i saw galaxies in selena’s eyes

if you ask me the reason for my smiles, i say: selena gomez

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 i cant. this made my life. the thing shes holding was what i gave herr :) she loved the gift. best momment ever. i asked her hows shes doing and that dont worry our guardian scarlett is watching over us ♥ then i gave my gift and she went in the car. she was like thank you much and gave me big hug. she looked like she was gunna cry . happy tears. she literally looked a my gift for such a long time then after she put her heart up to me. then i did it back . then we all did it . omg best momment EVER