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Sometimes your best friend was once your enemy, sometimes you’re both enemies off and on, sometimes you just stay friends…sometimes you’re not even enemies. You just feel that mutual respect. You just hit it off immediately with the other person. You’re brothers, you’re sisters, you’re best friends. You’re frenemies with immense mutual respect.

You spend your time warring with each other or with others side by side. You come to their aid, they come to yours, or you’re on opposing sides. Then comes the definite end, one of you is leaving, retiring, sick or anything…and the feud turns to respect, admiration, friendship, even brother/sister-hood. Now you can’t imagine a life without them. Sometimes it’s good friends, better enemies…other times it’s good enemies, better friends. Bottom line, your paths crossed and in the end, you’re glad they did.

Scott Hall bashes Travis “Flip” Gordon with a light tube!
[February 25th, 2017]

You know shit’s gotten real when “The Bad Guy” gets ultraviolent! At GCW’s The New Face Of War, Travis “Flip” Gordon was squaring off against “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela, when the original Outsider Scott Hall took matters into his own hands, as seen below:

This photo was taken after the bout: