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“Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s “worked shoot” on Vince Russo
TNA on PPV - April 12th, 2002

“And I heard him say ‘I beg someone to come and challenge me.’ Your dream… has come true.”

Roddy Piper is no stranger to controversy. This is highly understood among both wrestling fans and people in the pro wrestling industry alike. So, when Piper shows up to TNA to “plug his book” with a live mic, he instead uses this time to speak to Vince Russo. When Russo comes out to address Piper, thinking it’s a “worked shoot” promo, Piper gives him a thud against the head at which point, Russo realizes that Piper isn’t playing around.

This conversation gets so heated that the Harris Brothers (famous for breaking up skirmishes, i.e. the Montreal Screwjob) show up to keep the two from battling each other. Russo loses his temper, causing Ron and Don Harris to hold him back and keep him from basically getting his ass kicked by Piper. Legitimately, this is one of the most exciting moments in TNA’s history and you never hear anyone talk about it.

Wow. This one got to me.
Back in the 80s when everyone loved Hogan and Tito and JYD… Piper was my guy. I always loved a good heel, and there was no better than Piper.
For him to then go and star in one of my favorite movies and make memorable turns as “The Maniac” on my all-time favorite sitcom… well, its like Piper has always been there with me.
His legacy lives on in the performers of today. Its hard not to see flashes of Piper in my other favorites: CM Punk, Damian Sandow, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins… he will forever be a barometer for quality in professional wrestling. Always.
You’ll be missed, Hot Rod.