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Weather modification is REAL! These MFs are literally out here making clouds. MAKING FUCKING CLOUDS! 😡 But, HAARP ain’t real. The gov’t isn’t tampering with the ionosphere. Harvey was a natural occurrence. Jet fuel does melt steel beams! 😏


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So, the other shoe dropped

When Tumblr decided to hide adult blogs, I had a bad feeling. Well, it looks like I was right, nudeworldorder is no more. You can go to nudeworldorder.net to read more about the situation. This is blog is not a replacement, it’s just a way to let my tumblr friends know what happened. But you can follow me and I’ll post about it if/when I resurface elsewhere. When the old blog was deleted I had just over 10,000 followers. (Which really amazes me, thank you all.) If you were one of them, please consider reblogging this message to help get the word out.


All governments do not want an informed people, a we the people wise enough to know that government is not needed and that you can govern yourself. @Regranned from @lepetersworld - There is a referendum about the #Independence of #Catalonia in Spain today. It seems like the Catalonian people don’t want to be part of Spain anymore. The Spanish government is not amused by that plan and uses #PoliceBrutality against peaceful protesters. #Democracy at its best… Credit: 👉🏽 @thinking.lady 🤔
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G Edward Griffin: Who Really Rules Us?

Lauren Southern

Published on Sep 25, 2017

 Edward Griffin author of The Creature from Jekyll Island Red Pill University: https://redpilluniversity.org/

@redpillmedia Dude can’t ever tag you, gonna send it on message. 

Dennis Rodman & Hulk Hogan Vs. Lex Luger & The Giant
[June 16th, 1997]

The teaming of pop culture and professional wrestling is a proven formula of success, which wasn’t overlooked by WCW. In 1997, NBA basketball player and fashionista icon Dennis Rodman was suspended from the NBA, which led to “The Worm” making appearances, joining forces with Hulk Hogan and The nWo at Uncensored. Unlike the WWE’s future use of boxer Mike Tyson on events, Rodman actually competed in a few matches, none of which were revered by wrestling fans who realized that the company was capitalizing on media attention.

Rodman appeared at 1997′s Bash At The Beach, teaming with Hogan to take on Lex Luger and The Giant in a losing effort, and would return the following year at the same event, this time on the winning team against Diamond Dallas Page and fellow-NBA star Karl Malone. Rodman would also return in 1999, feuding with Randy “Macho Man” Savage and being defeated by him at WCW Road Wild.


@Regranned from @rraw_report - Shoutout to @caseylinden for the video.

Thanks to the guys who corrected me about this being a taxi driver and not a police officer, so I removed that video and now we got it right.

Clearly you can see this is another government Black Ops inspired mass shooting.

I’m not sure of the victims, but I have seen pictures and videos of the victims not being who they claim to be, even one of the guys being a pornstar, another guy’s a crisis actor from the Sandy Hook mass shooting.

Here’s the scary part though, if the victims are indeed fake and there were no victims, just like with 911, the government is going to make some real victims soon.

And this is where carrying your gun comes into effect people. If there was some gun carrying people at this Las Vegas spot, who could have returned fire and killed that mother fucker on the second floor, then you can start blowing the lid off of these mass shootings.

If you got a carry license, carry your shit, and be prepared to use it. .
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