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On this dayDespite being outnumbered 2-on-1 by self-proclaimed co-Champions LayCool, Natalya captures the Divas Title when she forces Michelle McCool to submit to the Sharpshooter, only to be attacked by Layla and Michelle after the bout. However, Beth Phoenix returns after six months on the shelf at the hands of LayCool to even the odds and help celebrate Natalya’s first Championship in WWE. (11/21/10)

You and I

A Pierretasha fic, as always. I put this in my College AU because it felt right. This one is for @je-suis-em-jee, who sent me the prompt of “snuggles.” I hope I did ya proud, MG. 

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I miss Total Divas already! :(

I can’t believe that I have to wait till March for Season 2!

I’m just gonna miss it so much

I’m sure gonna miss Nikki






and of course JoJo 

I made a video for them <3



Naven fanfiction

It’s a little crap but I’ve never written a fanfic before so be nice to me :-)

Nero settled down in his chair, combing through the huge pile of administration papers that had accumulated on his desk. He sighed heavily, running a hand through his groomed, dark hair, pausing to stroke the greying hair at his temples. He wasn’t as young as he allowed himself to believe he was. Nero thought about the life he could’ve lead if he’d chosen to live normally. If he’d worked for a bank, he’d have a wife and a family, with the possibility of grandchildren sometime soon. He hated thinking about that. He loved his life. He was the head teacher of H.I.V.E. Every single day was a new adventure. He had found great friends that he could truly trust: Professor Theodore Pike and Diabolus Darkdoom had always been loyal to him. He heard a rustling behind him, and he instantly knew that his greatest friend had arrived.

“Natalya, you don’t need to be here.” Nero said to the emptiness of his office. Raven stepped out of the shadows cautiously, dressed in her usual attire of black leather that clung to her body tightly. Her black hair had grown slightly; it looked much nicer than when it was cropped right to her skull. Nero couldn’t help but smile as his eyes rested on her. It always calmed him to see her.
“Yes I do.” Raven replied. “I can’t let you out of my sight for more than two minutes without you getting yourself in to trouble.” She scowled. Nero noticed something strange in her demeanour. Her face looked pale, her cheeks more hollow than they had been three months ago.
“Is everything alright, Natalya?” he asked tentatively.
“No.” Raven replied bluntly. Nero tilted his head to one side, sitting up in his chair. Raven screwed her eyes shut and turned her face away, biting her bottom lip. She exhaled shakily. “It just seems…lately…that I can’t do anything right. My only job is to protect you, and I failed.”
“What are you talking about?” Nero asked, standing from his chair.
“When Nigel’s plant mutation attacked the school, you were almost killed.” Raven began. “When Cypher infiltrated H.I.V.E., he nearly tore you apart with a drone. And most recently, I let you walk in to a trap that lead to your abduction and three months of captivity and God knows what else!” Her voice rose in volume as she spoke. “And the worst part is that I could’ve stopped each of those things from happening!”
“Natalya…” Nero sighed, trying to calm her.
“It’s true!” Raven exclaimed. “I almost lost you and it’s my fault! I should’ve been able to save you, to look out for you, I should’ve-”
“That’s enough!” Nero shouted, slamming his hand on his desk. Raven flinched. She’d never seen him so angry before. “I will not… let you take the blame for all those things. None of that was your fault! You were helping others, you were fighting so hard! How could I blame you for that? I saved Wing from the plant mutation and it was Cypher’s drone and Trent’s plan that put me in danger. Besides, I’m fine.” He took three steps towards Raven. “So why are you bringing all this up now?”
“Because you might not have been fine.” Raven whispered. “There was a very real chance that I would’ve lost you. And I couldn’t have coped with that.”
“You don’t have to feel so obligated to save me.” Nero reminded her.
“I don’t do it because it’s obligatory, Max!” Raven replied loudly, her voice rising again.
“Then why?!” Nero demanded.
“Because I’m in love with you!” Raven shouted. Nero exhaled sharply and took a step back, placing his hand on the edge of his desk to steady himself.
“What?” he gasped.
“I’m in love with you, Max.” Raven repeated. “I told myself I wasn’t because it was unprofessional and it would affect my judgment, but it’s true.”
“Natalya, I…” Nero tried to form a sentence, to say something, anything, but he couldn’t bring himself to.
“I’d better leave.” Raven breathed, a tear falling down her cheek.
“Wait!” Nero called. Raven turned around and Nero crossed the room quickly, rushing towards her. He grabbed the top of her arms, pinning them to her sides, and kissed her on the mouth. Raven went rigid, her eyes wide with shock. As Nero released her and pulled out of the kiss, she looked deep in to his eyes. She grabbed hold of his collar and pulled him to her, kissing him again, and this time they both melted in to the kiss. Nero slid his right hand down on to Raven’s waist, his left placed on the back of her head. Raven had both her hands on the small of Nero’s back, hugging him close to her as they kissed. Their eyes were closed. For a moment, nothing else seemed to exist except for them and the kiss they shared.
But then Nero pulled away and it was over. Natalya looked down at her feet, gritting her teeth.
“Natalya…” Nero whispered. “I know that there are four words you desperately want to hear me say…but I can’t say them. I don’t know how I feel about you, but please know that I hold you very dear to me. If anything happened to you…I don’t know if I could go on.” Raven looked up at him, staring deep in to his eyes. “There have been many times when I’ve been told you were dead, but I never believed them, because I always knew you’d come through for me. But if I saw you fall…if it was certain…if it was really over, with no chance of-”
“It’s okay, Max.” Raven told him, stroking his cheek. Nero smiled.  “I don’t really know where we go from here.” Raven murmured. Nero half-chuckled.
“Neither do I.” he replied. “But for now…let’s just enjoy it while it lasts.” He cupped her cheek with his hand and moved in, kissing her again.