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The new text generator we use allows us to upload pics in a chat.
So, we were wondering: is anyone interested in doing some AMU art?
Or, if you are inspired and draw a picture, you can send it to us and we can write and exchange about it!
What do you guys think? is there anyone interested in helping us out?

Jayce is a stomach sleeper, a habit which his back and neck have continuously hated him for over the years.

He’s always more or less slept on his stomach, but injuries sustained within the past decade coupled with a bit of bad posture in his work have made it almost too unpleasant for him to sleep in any other healthier position. He enjoys snoozing face down with a pillow tucked under his arms and head. On less painful nights, sleeping on his side or with a pillow set under his back occasionally prove fruitful.

In his eyes, morning back pains are a small price to pay for a good nights rest.