w: melanie m

Callused hands from holding to the monkey bars
Too long, too tight
Skinned knees from falling to the concrete
Just the same as my skinned heart from falling for you

Lips stained blue and stomach ache from cotton candy
Too sweet, too addicting
Cavities in my teeth from all the sweets
Just the same as the cavities in my heart from your sugary kiss.

Overalls stained from playing in the mud
Too messy, too dirty
Brown water from cleaning away the day’s filth
Just the same as the water from my heart washing you away.

Don’t be dramatic, it’s only some plastic. No one will love you if you’re unattractive.
—  Melanie Martinez

anonymous asked:

not a band but nonbinary melanie martinez makes me all hearteyes!! nb melanie who uses fae pronouns bc fae thinks theyre really cute and matches faer aesthetic, who writes these songs abt dolls and pretty things to criticize gender roles and cisnormativity and how all little girls are supposed to play w dollhouses and love pretty things, and fae talks abt how fae still loves these things even tho fae's neither a girl nor a baby idk i love melanie a lot and idk if u even know who she is but yeah

ok anon you do not understand how much i love melanie martinez like she is the love of my life i will protect her with my whole heart and soul and this is such a beautiful headcanon aaaaa

i love love love the idea of melanie using fae pronouns because it is SO faer aesthetic !!! i love this so much omg