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Liverpool FC vs. Manchester City recapped

Mignolet divided his time between watching El Clasico and performing the weekly miracle

Moreno still didn’t get the ball from Milner

Tattooed Defensive Heavy Metal Jesus was a terrifying six and a half foot rampaging middle finger against the citizens

Lovren was terrified as well by this

Clyne made sure Klopp didn’t run onto the pitch out of his technical area to join the slaughter

Lucas could have had a hat trick and been on a side up 10-0 but still would’ve got a yellow

Milner was a better #7 than Sterling

Can played like he used to play for City but no one remembered to tell him that he has in fact never played for Manchester City

Lallana still didn’t score

Pele 1 was pretty good

Pele 2 was also solid

Ibe continued to be Klopp’s son

Benteke went on as a healthy vessel for Sturridge