w: luke harper


Rami Sebei & Kassius Ohno Vs. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan
NXT House Show

[March 8th, 2013]

Kassius Ohno has never been a disappointing performer, and he hasn’t changed a bit since getting signed to the WWE, despite the name change. Rami Sebei is another superstar whose performance hasn’t differed. I could see these two getting called up separately, only because I couldn’t imagine the WWE wasting the opportunity to reunite the Kings Of Wrestling.

As irritating as the fans are to listen to in this video (especially the jackass laughing), this is a fun representation of how the boys are performing in developmental. To me, it’s nice to see that Sebei and Ohno aren’t just getting in there and destroying everyone they wrestle like most people would expect them to. To see Sebei as the underdog is a good placement for the superstar, especially when he gets fired up. It gives the fans a reason to rally behind him. Both sets of superstars are going to wow the audience once the lights are on them.



Note: I initially didn’t really take an interest into Luke Harper’s wrestling at first, but as the Wyatt Family began to have more participation into the ring, I noticed his wrestling moves had a graceful feel to it (imho). It is indeed brutal, yet graceful at the same time. Slowly, I began to enjoy his matches and always looked forward to another after watching him end a match. I certainly hope that he will get his big push as a solo wrestler and not live in the shadows of Bray Wyatt (imho again).