w: louise brealey

There are several reasons why fans of BBC’s Sherlock are utterly mad, incurably creative, and horny as hell. First and foremost, they are hungry. Devotees of American TV dramas get twenty-two episodes a year. Fans of most British drams enjoy six, eight, maybe a dozen. The Sherlock fandom gets three. The Sherlock fandom gets three television episodes every 18-24 months. The Sherlock fandom is deeply, abidingly, and very inventively starving.
—  Anne Jamison, Fic: Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World.

She is.


These women, these unhappy creatures, they come to me for help. And like any doctor in this city I could end their troubles safely, easily. But it is illegal. So I must turn them away to be mungled and shredded by these quacks, criminals on the back streets and side alleys. And then they come to me after and I must make good the wretched work. And then they come to me again, pregnant again, and I can neither treat them nor teach them for to speak of contraception is obscene in the eyes of the law. Forgive me, Inspector, I’m maddened by it.

No but guys, pupil dilation is an involuntary action, it’s not something actors can turn on and off… This isn’t “sherlock looking at Molly” - It’s Ben looking at Loo

(Yes, I know it’s dark and pupils also dialate in the dark, but fuck you - I am adorable)