w: john morrison


John Morrison and The Miz present: The Dirt Sheet LIVE!
[October 28th, 2008]

I saw some gifs posted from this segment and decided to look it up. The Dirt Sheet was a weekly episodic series featuring the tag team of The Miz and John Morrison. The duo started off as a random pairing but eventually blossomed into a beautiful partnership that featured both men growing from the team. While Miz and Morrison could get the job done, they were also highly entertaining, and during a feud with D-Generation X, the duo hosted a live edition of The Dirt Sheet, which featured a cameo appearance by The Young Bucks portraying DX.

Definitely a smirk there when Morrison tells the duo that himself and The Miz are “the elite of the elite”. I wonder if this was some kind of fateful foreshadowing, especially since Nick and Matt Jackson constantly toss out “too sweet” and “suck it” gestures.