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teacher/student!AU with Tadashi? :3


Mr. Hamada was a tall man, you came to realize, and that in itself was attractive. He was of Japanese linage, and it showed clearly in his face. His hands were large, which you happened to like in a man. His feet were big, which could lead to other big things. Not to mention his voice was as deep as the grand canyon. All around, in a general word, he was quite handsome.

So when the time of year came around, and you were piled high with finals papers, you asked him for his help as much as you could for he knew about nearly everything, not just robotics. “Mr. Hamada,” You said gently, standing next to his sitting form. “Can you help me with my calculus?” He glanced up at you, his pupils dilating slightly at the sight of one of his most prestigious robotics students before clearing his throat slightly.

“I have a lot of papers to grade,” He said to you, his fingers pushing up his glasses and setting them on his head. “I can ask Mr. Fujimoto to help you if you like, I think he’s still here.” What a lie, Tadashi thought to himself and looked at you to gauge your reaction. He noticed you pout slightly, and nod.

Turning on your heel, you began walking towards the door, saying gently, “It’s fine… I think I can figure it out by myself…” Oh, he thought to himself, his eyes not only watching you walk, but watching other parts of your body move. Come on, (Name). Don’t be all cute now!

Spending more time with you than with the rest of his students would lead to jealousy, and favoritism, something he wanted to avoid. He’d already spent a few weeks with you, not only talking about the subjects in school but getting into more private things such as; If he were married, if you had a boyfriend, what the both of you thought about a relationship once you graduated. There was nothing wrong with thinking that, in the sense that you were 18, and a senior and would be out of school in a few months, but it was wrong because you were only his student.

But, there was a feeling, deep inside of his gut, that wanted you to stay so he could teach you about calculus, possibly with you bent over his desk. “Wait,” He said, picking his body up. Walking towards the door, he put the key in it, locked it and pulled you back over to his desk. “Sit. Let me teach you.” You looked at the door he had just locked, before looking back up at him. Opening your mouth to speak, he was fast to press his mouth against yours.

“Oh! Mr. Hamada!” Your voice literally shrilled, and he praying that all the teachers and students had gone home. That thought was lingering deep inside of his mind as his hips thrusted hard. Shutting his eyes for a moment as a sudden wave of pleasure hit his navel, he moved a hand from your hair down to your clit. His fingers danced along the button gently, which only caused more moans and pants from you. Legs shaking, you tried to bury the feeling bubbling inside of you, but with every move of his hips, you found yourself slipping more and more. The fingers of his other hand were tangled deep inside of your hair, giving a tug here or there, and his mouth was busy nibbling and sucking at the tender skin of your neck.

Growling lightly under his breath, your tantive arms were wrapped around his shoulders in desperation as he said right in your ear in a literal purr, “I thought I told you to call me Tadashi.”

“Mmmm~” You tilted your head back, and snapped back, “And I thought I told you to fuck me senseless, Mr. Hamada…~”