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Here For You (Tadashi Hamada x Reader)

You knocked on Tadashi’s lab door, waiting for a response. Knowing he had spent many late nights working away on his robotics project, you wanted to make sure he was getting enough rest.

“Come in.”

Opening the door, you peeked into the messy room. Tadashi was sitting at his desk, typing away on his computer.

“Fixing up, Baymax’s programming?” you asked, walking in.

“Yep,” he answered, eyes not leaving the screen. “I’m almost done, but there’s always a minor problem.”

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can you do a tadashi one shot? he asked you out and it's the first date and maybe a kiss at the end of the date (they knew were friends before started dating). sorry if it's not too specific i don't really have anything else to add..xxx


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Title: November Walks.
Pairing: Tadashi Hamada x Female!Reader.
Words: 1735.
Rating: K. (WAY FLUFFY )

“Thanks for dinner.” You grinned at Tadashi as you walked passed him, out the door of the small restaurant. You weren’t downtown, making the ability to walk around and talk without shouting over the sound of traffic and other people easier. “And dessert too.” You added on quickly and gave him a cutesy smile.

“Thanks for coming with me.” Tadashi retorted and felt the heat on the tip of his ears. He began walking, reaching behind you and pressing his warm hand against the small of your back. A silent ‘follow me’ sort of gesture. “I had a lot of fun. I didn’t know you liked me enough to go on a date with me.” This amazed you. For as confident as he strolled around to be, he still had insecurities. He still had flaws, and you felt privileged to see them and to experience them this evening.

What you wanted to say was, ‘You’ve no idea how much I like you. Now, kiss me, you fool’, but the romantic inside of you wasn’t breaking free, at least for now as you nodded and looked down at your feet, trying to focus on anything that wasn’t his hand cupping your back. “I didn’t know you liked me either. It was a bit of a surprise. I mean, obviously, I know you liked me because we’re friends, but romantically I guess, I mean… I didn’t know you like, like me.”

Tadashi laughed, tossing his head back as he did. It was a deep, but yet strikingly soft sound in the air. He was hat-less this evening, and his hair followed and bounced with his movement. You could feel your fingers twitch, wondering what it may have felt like to run your hands through his hair. “You sound like my brother. ‘Do you like, like her? Or just like?’ He asked me that while I was getting ready.” Tadashi composed himself and swallowed, gazing down at you, “Honestly, he helped me get dressed for tonight. I’m not the best at choosing my own clothes, especially for dates because I’ve only even been on like… one.” He admitted quietly. “If I had my way all the time, I guess I’d wear just a t-shirt and comfy pants.”

“There’s nothing quite like comfy pants.” You sighed dreamily.

He nodded in agreement, leading you down the street. It was such a secure feeling, having him beside you, and having him hold onto you as if he was afraid of something happening to you. In all retrospect, in a city like San Fransokyo, it was uncertain was nighttime could hold, but having Tadashi with you made things feel certain.

The air was brisk, to the point where if you breathed in deeply enough, it would sting the inside of your nostrils. Every breath that rolled from your parted lips was evident in the chilly air. The sky was hued a dark purple mixed with an even darker blue, almost giving off the impressions of being completely black. In the very near distance, was the light of downtown San Fransokyo, a city that never seemed to go without some sort of luminance. It was one of those things that kept the city so youthful, and so lively. In the wafting air was a unique mixture of fallen tree leaves, leaves clinging desperately to the tree limbs, sea salt water and the lingering scent of Tadashi’s cologne. It was a very subtle smell, and had been all evening. It was obvious that he wasn’t the sort of guy to dowse himself in it, making it unbearably overpowering. It was perfect, but you tried to not dwindle on those thoughts for long as Tadashi bumped into you.

“You okay?” You must have looked blank faced, if you were spacing out thinking about how he smelt. On the contrary, now, you were pink cheeked and flustered at the sudden question. But, the underlying fact that he had asked you if you were alright made your heart flutter excitedly inside of your chest. It was the sort of flutter that made you weak to the knees, but you managed to stay sound and nodded your head as a chilly breeze rushed through the air.

A shudder dripped down your spine when you caught eyes with him. They were dark, like chocolate, but something behind sparkled and almost gave the impression of being more honey-like. “Yeah, I’m okay.” You finally replied to him, watching as his face switched from that of mild concern to a warm smile. That was something he gave a lot of people, but at this second, it seemed as though the smile meant more than previous attempts. It was personal, the corners of his lips curling ever so gently, slight creases around his eyes as he shuffled beside you and plucked his usual olive green jacket off his shoulders and draped it over yours.

“Here,” He chuckled, the sound resonating in your ears, if you’re cold, I can walk you home if you want. I didn’t mean to take a detour through Golden Gate.” That was something you hadn’t noticed. That you were even in a park. If he hadn’t mentioned, you’d have thought you were still walking down the street, as your attention and mind were pulled by Tadashi, you weren’t thinking about much else.

“We can keep walking. I’m having fun.” A few leaves had fallen off a tree to the left and drifted through the air between the two of you.

Tadashi smiled and began walking once again, his hand remaining on the small of your back despite his jacket now being snug on your shoulders.

This entire moment was perfect, and felt like a distant memory from inside of a dream. And, who’s to say that it wasn’t? That you hadn’t dreamt of something so perfect before? You were almost sure that you had, and this was just a reminder that dreams are obtainable. Your heart was beating roughly in your chest at the thought of what could happen next. Everything this evening had already been more than you expected, from him picking you up, to the two of you walking the city, to dinner, and then, to this moment here. Walking side by side in Golden Gate Park.

“My parents used to bring us here,” Tadashi finally spoke up, sliding his free hand into his pocket despite the temptation to hold yours. “Hiro and I. We used to visit the Japanese Tea Garden all the time when we were kids, it was one of my favorite places. Hiro was too young, I think to really… admire it. He’d always just run around, because to him it was just another place.”

“I stop by after school some times,” Tadashi gave you a charming grin, “If I have time. It’s really nice in March and April. That’s when the cherry blossoms start blooming. It’s beautiful.”

“I think it’s really beautiful right now.” You clasped your hands in front of you and looked around. “With the trees changing color and all…”

“I know something that’s prettier though.” Tadashi hummed, as if more to himself as another chill of cold air ran passed the two of you. You stared up at him, curious as to what he could be talking about, but the moment you opened your mouth to ask, he was twisting towards you and cupped your cheek with the hand that was once on your back. The sudden movement caught you off guard subsequently leaving you rather breathless as he looked into your eyes. The dim light of the park lights illuminated his face, striking off his high cheekbones, and tracing the outline of his lips which were now only a few inches away from making contact with your own. His eyebrows were arched upwards, as if he was surprised by his own sporadic movement, and his eyes were wide with curiosity and adoration. There was no doubt in your mind at this very moment, that Tadashi Hamada was one of the most beautiful people, inside and out, that you had the privilege to know. And though many people knew this about him, Tadashi had chosen you.

“What’s prettier?” Strange, you thought, you knew the answer to this but still found yourself lacking the courage to actually ask in a voice higher than a whisper. Your breath escalated onto his face, a for a brief second, Tadashi shut his eyes. You watched his eyelashes tickle his high cheekbones as he hauled you closer to him, this time, by wrapping both his arms around your waist.

His body heat was off the charts, lightly pressing against your skin through the fabric of the loose black dress you had chosen to wear that evening. His hands stayed chaste, resting above the small of your back and coaxing you to relax against him. You had no nerve, nor any want to do anything otherwise, and so, with a deep breath, you sank against him and bit your bottom lip, still awaiting an answer from the tall male.

“You.” Was his reply. It was simple, quiet, but the way he said it, leaning inwards for a kiss, made it seem like he was shouting it. Before your lips made contact with his, you raised your hands and cupped the sides of his face. It was warm under your fingertips as you trailed them upwards to cup around his ears. The dark hair there was tickling at your touch as he pressed his mouth against you, ever so gently. To say that it was a kiss wouldn’t be completely correct, as it was more of a graze. Tadashi did linger though, resting his forehead against yours as he bashfully admitted, “I’m not so good at the whole kissing thing. Last girl I kissed, I was 15, I ended up with a bloody nose and it was just a mess and I-”

“Shhh…” You laughed quietly, stepping onto your tippy toes and blessing Tadashi with a small kiss to his nose. He was blushing, but it was still hard to see in the lighting of the park. “It was really nice…”

“I should have asked you if you wanted to,” Tadashi murmured and held you close to him, “I’m sorry, I really should hav-”

“Do you always talk this much between kisses?” You teased and brushed back some of his hair.

“Only with the pretty girls…” He teased back, understanding what you wanted as he leaned back in for another kiss.

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I know you're in a Scott mood (who isn't tbh) but could you do 6 with Tadashi? 😊

I miss tada shhhh iiiiiiii 

“I’m in a rut.” You said, staring at the ceiling of your boyfriends room. It was a peaceful day, the sun peaking through his curtains and occasionally toasting your skin delicately. Tadashi’s fingertips were ghosting up and down your right thigh, his left arm bent upwards, behind his neck as he laid on his back comfortably. He was shirtless, and you could feel his skin brushing against yours every time he took a deep breath in, which was only once and while. 

“What is this rut?” His voice was deep and relaxed as he held you tightly, his dark eyes shut.

“I want ice cream, but I don’t want to get up,” He laughed, the sound reverberating from his chest, “And if I do get up and go out to get ice cream, you’d have to go with me, and on the way home, you can’t stop to stare at things inside the shop windows.” 

“I do like to do that.” Tadashi admitted, the hand that was once circling your thigh, now tracing small patterns on your bare shoulder blade. 

We have to get home before the ice cream melts.”

“How about we eat the ice cream, while window shopping?” Your love suggested.

Lifting your head up to gaze at his face, you caught eyes with him and felt the deep scarlet color tint your cheeks. “Is it really window shopping when you buy nothing?”

“Fineeee,” He groaned dramatically, “window grazing.”