w: cm punk


‘twas the grammar slam before christmas…

just because it’s christmas time doesn’t mean your poor grammar is excused!

Long ago the four nations lived in harmony

But everything changed when The Authority attacked

Only a rebel, named CM Punk could stop them

But when WWE needed him the most..he vanished

100 years passed and the WWE discovers a new rebel

A little Hippie-dippy dude named Daniel Bryan

Although his wrestling skills are great, he has a a lot to do before he can save WWE

But we believe, Daniel Bryan can be the face of the WWE

42 Reasons to Ship AJ/Punk !!!

1. Punk said he needed “natural dynamite” in his life.
2. AJ says her and Punk are soulmates
3. Punk defends AJ
4. When AJ says “my husband.”
5. When Punk says “my wife.”
6. Punk got AJ into The Walking Dead
7. Punk said AJ has a great set of legs
8. AJ plays with her ring
9. Punk plays with his ring
10. In a interview Punk showed his ring and said “BOOM! Off the market!”
11. AJ pipebombs like Punk
12. They both love animals
13. Punk says he can’t win a fight with her or he’ll wind up in another one.
14. The look they gave each other at MITB.
15. He saves her from Kane,Daniel,and Vickie
16. He said his favorite Diva was AJ
17. She said that she enjoyed kissing him.
18. When they tweet each other.
19. When they where each others t-shirts
20. AJ supports Punk being in UFC
21. How he knew he was going to marry AJ before he asked
22. Punk called her his “Pretty,Gorgeous,Beautiful Wife!”
23. Blackhawks Games together
24. When he said “Hi Honey!” at the Cubs game.
25. Punk stayed with her after she passed out in London
26. After AJ resigned from RAW GM he said “it’s only been a couple of hours and I’m already missing AJ!”
27. When they can push each other’s buttons the right way
28. When Punk nicknamed AJ’s Pipebomb a Pipebombshell
29. Punks nickname for her is Ape.
30. He watches her when she’s on TV
31. He calls himself the Best In the World
32. She calls herself the Best Diva in the World
33. They got married in June
34. He said Marrying AJ was one of the best things he’s ever done.
35. When he told her “I dig crazy chicks.”
36. Their height difference
37. The Pictures they took together at UFC 181
38. They’re both determined
39. She moved to Chicago
40. How they will always have each other’s backs
41. They are nerds
42. Best Couple in the World!