w: barbara p

I’m not even in the 1D fandom and somehow I see the Barbara P tag ldominated by them

Ok, let me just say, as someone who’s known about this girl before she was even so famous, before the Justin rumor and everything, you’re just jumping to assumptions calling her a fame whore.
She never dated Justin, only took a photo with him, like any other fan would!
And so what if she went to see a film with Niall? Hey, have you ever considered she might genuinely like him for his personality? Unlike many people who would only love him for his face and voice. Obviously, I know this is not everybody, but I just don’t like seeing people calling her a fame whore and all these misconceptions.

I mean c'mon now, she doesn’t even seem like a bad person! From what I’ve seen, she’s a sweetie in interviews who likes to say things like ‘the best kind of makeup is your smile’
If you really love your Niall so much, then be happy for him!