Обновил Винду до 8.1 и вот она мне реально нравится. Если в 8-ке хватало разных косяков и некоторых неудобных решений, то практически все они ушли в 8.1, по крайне мере для меня. Честно я вот сейчас уже не смогу наверное слезть на 7-ку, так как она мне уже кажется не удобной и не очень красивой. Я даже не стал включать новую функцию чтоб система грузила сразу рабочий стол и мне проще из Метро-Пуска запустить все что я хочу. Вот только интересно они сделали поддержку геймпада, а то я еще проверить не успел, и это был один из основных косяков W8. 


I forgot that tumblr resizes images, and the images in my first explanatory post are too small to see anything. So I’m making another with the images as a photoset. 

Original text:

Despite my fears, my upgrade to W8.1 went fairly smoothly! I only encountered one problem: programs were being scaled inconsistently. Some programs, like Firefox and Photoshop, looked fine. Others, like Rainmeter, Wacom Tablet Properties, and Spotify, were stretched to 150% of their normal size which left them looking big and blurry.
I was pretty sure that the problem wasn’t with my screen resolution—my screen was set to its native resolution of 1920X1080 and the scaling problem wasn’t happening to all of my programs. I ran all of the Windows updates that were available, and that didn’t fix the issue. I thought that it might be somehow related to the programs themselves, and tried uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify. No luck. I then remembered that I noticed the Display control panel screen looked different from how it looked in W8 when I was checking my screen resolution.
And I decided to try clicking the checkbox labeled “Let me choose one scaling level for all of my displays”. After checking the box I was greeted with a more familiar set of options.
I went ahead and clicked “Apply” and signed out and back in. Voila! Everything was back to normal.