List of demands for the Witcher TV series

- Strong landscape/establishing shots ala LOTR

- Dandelion not annoying/at least a decent singer

- Skittish Roach

- Good swordplay/footwork by Geralt in identifiable witcher style

- Accurate portrayal/characterisation of the Lodge members (get Yen right)

- Sometimes Geralt wears a hairband

- Cast all unknown actors apart from Charles Dance who should play Old Emhyr AND Young Emhyr

- Scoia’tael almost magically silent & deadly

- Please no American accents. More Black Country and Birmingham accents for the peasants like in Wild Hunt

- Cool monsters like the eyehead and the skoffin

- Ciri is a force of nature

- The events on Thanedd should be at least as confusing as they were in the book to spite newcomers

- Everything as Polish as possible

Cernunnos - Leader of the Wild Hunt

One of my patron gods. Cernunnos is known as the horned one in many aspects. I have not had any real interaction with him in the sense of calling him into a circle but I feel ive interacted with him on many occasions when wandering the forests with my friends and alone. He’s always there just outside of my line of sight. Protecting the forests and the places he calls home.