Where to Eat Wednesday - City Bakery, NY NY

Somewhere between Chelsea and the Flatiron district (okay 18th St. between 5th and 6th) lies one of NYC’s treasures: City Bakery Hot Chocolate
My friends, this is not your average hot chocolate. This is like melted down gold topped with a marshmallow that could kick whipped cream into next century. Anyone remember when Starbucks had the chantico? Yeah this one beats that by a longshot too.

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Where to Eat Wednesday: Mac Daddy's, Fairfield CT

Mac Daddy’s. 

There’s genius in the name. I don’t want to say that this macaroni and cheese will make you ask yourself who your daddy is, but let’s be real here: If you need to take a full moment when you’re eating your macaroni and cheese because it’s so good, you’ll give a silent nod to the chefs and try to bring some leftovers home to bask in it’s glory for a second time.

Let’s dig in, hm?

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Where to Eat Wednesday
Bar Taco - Westport, CT

So the genius in me didn’t take a picture of the gorgeous VIEW this place has (it’s right on the water, but we sat inside since I went with a pretty large group of people), but this is a fancy little taco joint with $3 tacos and a really cool beachy waterside vibe.

The Pros: Everything comes ala carte, so you can make up your own taco plate or order one offs and decide whether or not you want more of the same or to change it up a bit. All the plates are small so you can get a taste of pretty much everything while you’re there. The atmosphere is great, the drinks were good and all the ingredients were very fresh. And again, waterside view? This place would be a really great & hip food spot for a date night.

I took a picture of the menu, I thought it was funny how they said “not tacos” for all the other food.

The Cons: The servers didn’t seem to know where any of the food was going. Maybe we went on an off day, but if you order a little of this and a little of that, they will bring you tray after tray of one taco or an order of guac or one quesadilla. That makes for a very crowded table if they don’t group everything together on one tray. We got someone else’s food more than once, one of the people I was with didn’t get her drink until 5 minutes before we left, and when they dropped off food it was to the wrong person. Not to mention, if you like to eat when everyone has their food, this place makes it mildly difficult since everything comes out as it’s ready.

Awesome vibe for after work drinks, not so awesome for a “team lunch” since everything was very sporadic

Would I go back? Yes. In a heartbeat. That guacamole was phenomenal, and the tacos were really interesting as far as flavors go. The plates were small but filling, so I started off with guac, two tacos and a quesadilla and was fine for lunch. I think if I went back with a group of maybe 2 or 3 people as opposed to 8, we’d get better service.

May you all have delicious tacos in your future,
<3 bakerhi