This is Zachary Taylor talking about his experience meeting Tim when he went and saw the Broncos play in Denver.  Zachary suffers from severe headaches because of tumors that have grown around his head.  He said that the day he met Tim he had no pain whatsoever and that it was perfect!  

Many people ask why I am such a huge fan of Tim’s… this is why!  

The Tim Tebow Foundation will introduce its W15H program this week. 

The W15H Program will let a new kid each week hangout with Tim as he goes through his team warm-ups in pregame. 

This week Woody Roseland will have his chance to hang out with his Idol, Tim Tebow. 

The DenverBroncos.com has the story up on their blog. 


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Which ONE word do you think brings back the most horrible memory for my muse?


It’s all I could ask for, really. 

Not anything I’ve received just yet from her…

I just want to prove to her it was all a mistake. 

Please, mate. We were buddies.. Ol’ partners in…. In crime! 

What happened to all of that?

1 w15h 1 c0uld t4k3 1t 4ll b4ck. 

I really do…