WDW W15D2 - 10 miles Oppan Treadmill Style! 

  • Two days into week 15 and I have already completed 15 miles.  Week 1 of training (for the entire week) was 15 miles!  
  • I struggle more with heat than I do distance.  If I can keep myself cool(ish) I am good.  But as soon as I start to heat up I struggle - mentally my mind goes negative and physically I slow down alot and it takes me a while to recover.  So its good that I was in a warm gym instead of outside in the cool air as there is no way to know how warm in will be in central Florida in a few weeks and if it turns out to be hot I have to be ready for it!
  • Treadmills at the gym shut off at 60 mins (regardless of the distance goal you put in).  Had to restart it 3 times to finish the 10 miles.  Which means you also have to keep track of where you were when it shuts down and then add that time all together.  Good times.
  • Its hard to figure out when to eat when you work out at night.  I am so used to running or kickboxing first thing in the morning that I did not want to eat before hitting the treadmill this evening.  But then I found myself very hungry mid run - craving a Subway sandwich.
  • Subway’s around do not close at 10pm as I would have guessed.  Not sure when they close but it was about 9:35 and lights out at both of the ones near by. 
  • Isn’t it weird how you find yourself overheated, wet and sweaty during your workout and the first thing you want to do when you get home is jump in a hot, wet steamy shower?
  • Yes, even though I don’t have much hair on my head I still use shampoo!
  • And finally if you re-read the title of this post you will have that song stuck in your head too.  Your welcome! Op op op op oppan Treadmill Style