W14D1 complete. The longest duration run in about a year. Once again started slowish and ran comfortable.

Feeling good although I will be hitting the roller tonight!

WDW W14D1 - 5 miles and catching you up on the fun weekend

This morning was the start of week 14 and we put down 5 miles.  Today I setup Endomondo to do half mile intervals of regular pace with 1 min of higher intensity in between them.  Overall pace is not as high as I was expecting as the avg speed when I would look down at the device was usually in the 12-13 min/mile range on the slower intervals.  Not sure why the overall become 15 min/mile.  But either way they got done!

And now for a little catching up on my weekend:

After the 12 mile training run on Saturday I volunteered at a hot chocolate station for the fun run TM Martial Arts was hosting for all of its students. We had a great time out there - and I had even brought some Christmas tunes (and a tiny set of LED lights that you can barely see in this picture to add to the festivities).

And then on Sunday I hosted my sister, niece, my friend Michelle and her nieces for an ornament making event.  It’s something Michelle and I had done years ago with friends and family and everyone always had a great time.  So now that the nieces are old enough to participate we decided to have it again.  It was so much fun and its neat to see how their little minds create!!!

Eventually these hand print ornaments were painted to look like little snow people with scarves and other details added on with felt, pipe cleaners etc. 

We made several other types of ornaments as well and at one point all of the kids were playing with the Wii Rock Band instruments and all of the adults were busy getting very detailed with their ornaments.  LOL  It was a lot of fun and I am already looking forward to having it again next year. 

Plus it was a nice break from all of this running!!!