I mean seriously, its got everything this website always bitches about other shows missing.

Strong Female Leads (actually more female leads than males)

Important POC (one of which is actually in charge of the entire warehouse)

Openly homosexual character who is not just a token gay, or a stereotype in any way, and is written no differently than any other character except that he is gay.

An openly BISEXUAL character

Umong others are Artie who is Jewish, the Regents (Who are basically like the board of trustees in charge of making decisions) are all middle class, blue collar workers (because governments and rich corporations cant be trusted with that kind of power) There are no flat  characters, everyone is written extremely well. Even the antagonists can be sympathized with. and the “Good Guys” don’t always make good decisions. Everyone is a person, who makes both good and bad decisions, each character has their own personal motives and insecurities and internal battles to face that are ALWAYS PRESENT even when its not the central focus of the episode. (which is not always the case with TV shows).

everyone’s backstory is EXTREMELY detailed and well thought out, and that plays to their character’s insecurities and such.

And not to mention they totally say fuck you to gender roles.

Oh and mark Sheppard is in it too.

So yeah basically everyone needs to go watch warehouse 13 right now its a super amazing show and you will absolutely love it.

one step forward, two steps back (v2.0) - 1

Way back when, last December, to be exact, I gifted a fic to @apparitionism for the B&W Secret Santa extravaganza. I’d threatened a second part, which is nearly ready to go, but before that I needed to do some housecleaning on the first story (thank you appy for pointing out issues.) So I’m starting over by posting an edited version of this story then moving on to a six chapter “part two” that fixes everything. I’ll be posting new chapters regularly, maybe every other day if I can mange, just to get this out of my system. 

NOTE: This story is an inbetweener - set after episode 4.8 “Second Chance” (the one when Mrs. F tells Helena to disappear with the astrolabe) but before 4.9 “The Ones We Love.”


As the loudspeaker crackles to life, Myka pushes herself up into sitting position and snuggles further into her coat. She glances to the side at Pete, still lying next to her, sprawled across three whole seats. He hasn’t moved an inch since she dozed off.

“Pete,” she says, more as a puff of air than a name.

No response.

Pete,” she repeats, louder, adding a poke to the arm.

“Ggnah,” he grunts, flinching but holding his position.

“Get up. Our gate’s moved.”

“Fivemoreminutes,” he mumbles, pulling the hood of his jacket over his eyes.

“Fine,” she says through a yawn and stretches her neck to the left then right. “I’m going to go clean up. Be ready when I get back.” She shoots Pete a stern eye, but he’s already dozed off. She’ll wake him for real when she gets back.

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you guys: gorgeous work on all the castiel creations! we loved every single one. onward to week 13!

this week’s theme focuses on the two main groups of people fighting monsters in the spn-verse: hunters and men of letters. feel free to focus on one or the other or both, but beyond that, interpretation of the prompt is completely up to you.

if you plan on participating this week:

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  • remember that you are free to post any kind of creation you want: graphic, gif, edit, fanart, fic, etc.
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if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an ask. we can’t wait to see your creations this week!

one step forward, two steps back (v2.0) - 2

Second half of part one, edited for continuity. Hope you enjoy it and the whacky part two that’s coming up next!


Myka sneaks down the stairs and finds Claudia draped across the couch, fast asleep, snuggled under a blanket. She tiptoes past Steve, snoozing in the lounger, and Pete, passed out on the floor, then crouches behind the sofa and pokes Claudia on the shoulder.

“Claud…” she whispers.

No response.

Claud. We need to talk.”

“Mmhmm…” Claudia mumbles then shifts onto her side.

“Ssh, you’ll wake them.”

“Okok,” Claudia says, lips barely moving. She peels herself up and trudges dutifully behind Myka. When they reach the top of the stairs, she stops and waits for further instructions.

“Not here. Outside.”

“Like, on the porch?“

“Outside-outside. Away,” Myka says, adding a harried sweep of her hand.

“Ok, crazy lady,” Claudia says. "Lemme put on some duds.”

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out of place, out of mind - 1

Sequel to “one step forward, two steps back (v.2.0)” part 1+ part 2.

“These chapters are short,” she said to herself, “you can knock them out in no time!” But brevity does not equate with simplicity, nor is simplicity easy to accomplish, especially where writing is concerned (for me). So more time has passed before posting than I promised, but thankfully the upcoming holiday break will give me time to focus on future chapters. 

This story is meant to replace “Instinct,” so the timeline starts after 4.14 and moves forward with it’s own trajectory. It does cull hints of plots from episodes afterwards (for instance, Claudia becomes caretaker, you’ll glean the rest) but then spins off in it’s own direction. It is a fix it on many levels and requires some knowledge of the show (as well as “part 1,” linked above). 

TV RULES APPLY to this whacky thing, so it moves pretty fast and loose, and hopefully works as a whole. I’m sure there are typos, I’ll fix them later. I hope you enjoy it!


“What the hell, H.G.?“

Helena blinks awake and tries to focus on the faces above her, their identities hazy at best.

"Pete, she just woke up!”

“But Myka didn’t.”

“Seriously bro, give her a sec.”

The name Myka prompts other names, such as Steve and Claudia, to pop into Helena’s head.

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if/then (2.0) - 12

Sneaking this up at the midnight hour. Typos, yes! I will fix later.

Previously: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11

Read first if you are new! gutted/sorted and wax/wane…if/then is a continuation of those two.


Upon Myka’s return from London, the lack of push from the sale makes it difficult for her to ease back into her life. Without a clear path to London, having time on her hands feels wrong, so much so she’s giving Helena’s controversial action plan some serious thought.

The last night of their trip, their plan to have alone time was thwarted by Claudia having plans with friends. Instead, they cuddled in bad with Christina then moved to the couch after she fell asleep. A steamy make-out session commenced and continued for quite some time until it was mutually acknowledged they could go no further while clothed. They lounged happily in each other’s arms, Myka’s head resting on Helena chest and Helena stroking her fingers through Myka’s curls. An all-consuming bliss flowed through Myka as she laid there, feeling safe from the harsh realities of the world.

“I’ve been looking into schools for Christina. And flats near said schools,” Helena said, quietly, as if she knew she was impinging on Myka’s bliss.

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