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Questions asked: 

1. What is your favourite kind of tea?

Ginsing Oolong 

2. When you take photos, do you develop them? Or do you store them on CDs? 

Depends on what i’m shooting with, sometimes I develop sometimes I put them on the computer. 

3. Have you got a record player? whether you answered yes or no to that, what is your favourite band/musical artist?

I do, currently it’s Major League and Real Friends

4. What do you do when somebody is cross with you?

Punch them in the face. 

5. Favourite blogs of yours?

Idk them all but everyone i follow is pretty rad. 

6. Have you been to any concerts? Name as many as you’d like!

I have been to too many concerts, I shoot for a blog so. I’ve seen real friends like 12 times though so. Major League was probs my favorite tho

7. What is your favourite flower?


8. Which show/s on Netflix or television are currently your favourites??

It’s always sunny in phili

9. What was the first thing that made you smile this morning?

Text from Mark. 

10. If you were to find a spider in your closet what would you do with it?

Make it my friend. 

11. What is your absolute favourite place in the world? 

Mahalls in Lakewood Ohio. 

My Questions:

1. Whats your favorite animal?

2. On a scale of one to space cat leggings how “hipster” are you?

3. What’s your favorite swear word?

4. What celebrity do you think you look like the most?

5. Favorite movie?

6. How many blankets do you usually sleep with?

7. Are you part owl?

8. Favorite book?

9. Have you ever been in a car accident?

10. Have you ever given yourself a tattoo, if so of what?

11. Do you have any siblings? 

w0kenfullen asked:

Someone may have asked you this in the past... but is there any reason why, or something that connects you to Bon Iver (if its not to personal at least) A huge favorite of mine as well, so I was just curious (:

um well tbh i started listening to them at a really difficult time in my life and it sounds daft but when i listen to them i feel ‘better’ in a sense so there kind of like my music medecine for when im down :-)