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    Fun fact: Augie was passed down his parents’ old Volkswagen van so he could get around town without being a bother. As they’re from the Woodstock era, he vows to never go into the back of the van. 

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You know, I don't really like Markiplier's content much, but I don't understand how people can hate him? I've never seen him be anything less that cordial to people, even when they treat him like shit. He seems like a really sweet guy.

well they’re only hating mark by proxy. most of the markiplier hate you see on tumblr the last couple of days is actually hate for him making a response video on pewdiepie trying to get the community to calm down, to make them realize that a couple of out of context jokes dont mean he’s a neonazi.

but fuck that right? he’s defending someone tumblr already made their minds on and who is clearly a neonazi. 

-Mod Gemini

What I really love about Revenge of the Sith is that it ends the same way as Return of the Jedi; with people choosing to love Anakin despite everything he’s done.

In RotJ, Luke could have left Vader behind out of anger or lack of compassion, but he chose love instead. He didn’t have to help him, but he chose to. “You’re coming with me. I’ll not leave you here, I’ve got to save you.”

And RotS echoes that same message with Obi-wan and Padme both loving him despite the betrayal and his horrible actions.

Obi-wan could have chosen to hate Anakin for all that he did, he could have answered Anakin’s hatred with hatred of his own. But when Anakin screamed “I hate you” Obi-wan answered with “You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you.”

And even Padme, whose heart was broken, chose to love him. “There is good in him. I know there is still…”

What I love about Star Wars is the message of love and forgiveness, even for those who have wronged us in unthinkable ways.

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so i know you like to believe newt definitely isnt a virgin, and tina may/may not be one, may i ask why you think that? its funny because i have the exact opposite thoughts, and i see newt as so childlike and awkward. like i cant even imagine him having anything other than a few bumbling kisses, but i think tina definitely would have seen a guy or two, i mean, she is a ~modern woman~. im just interested in picking your brain btw, not trying to tell you youre wrong or anything! also great stories

Disclaimer: I am really, really tired, so this may only make sense to me right now…


So. Newt.

As of December 6th, 1926 (which is the first day of Fantastic Beasts), our dear cinnamon roll is 29 years old. In those 29 years, we know it is canon that he had a (most likely romantic) entanglement with a woman in school whom he loved. It is canon (per the movie) that he fought in and survived WWI. It is canon that he has visited at least 3 continents (thought it’s more likely 4 continents, going by his having Dougal and the Occamies in his possession, plus his traveling through Africa) and has spent at least a year traveling.

29 years of living, part of that time in the male-dominated military establishment (and believe me when I say: prostitutes and WWI soldiers went together like dragons and flames, okay? Those men visited brothels. They solicited women. They got their jollies when and where they could because WWI was Not Pretty), another good portion of that time traveling the world, and then the rest of that time living as a bachelor in (presumably) London?

There’s no bloody way he’s a virgin. Social awkwardness aside, he’s done too much living, and he’s too earthy, to not have known a woman once or twice. If it wasn’t Leta Lestrange, then it was someone during the war (probably after his commander and/or brother frog-marched him over to the brother because “God dammit Scamander, we’re gonna make a man out of you yet!”). If it wasn’t during the war, then it was while he was out traveling the world. And if it wasn’t then, it was when he was lonely and/or sad so Theseus bought him a companion because “Cheer up, little brother; she won’t bite you. Well, not unless you ask…”

Outside of all this, I’ll point out that in his time, it was not exactly frowned upon for young men on his class and standing (upper-middle-class to upper-class, since his mother bred “fancy Hippogriffs”–which indicates some level of wealth, or at least comfort) to have the occasional sexual dalliance, either before or even during marriage. It wasn’t wise to flaunt it, and it was something that nobody really talked about. But, it was also a fact of life at that time. Which is not to say it was right, but we aren’t talking about morality here.

Logical conclusion: Newt may not be Don Juan, but he’s got at least some sexual experience. It’s most likely limited in both frequency and scope–but it’s there. Given all the facts and the reality of life at the time, it would be a statistical anomaly for him to still be a virgin.


Now, let’s talk about Tina, because Tina is my girl and I will fight to the death to protect her. Much like Newt, really…

As of December 6th, 1926, our dear cinnamon roll Tina is 25 years old. In those 25 years, we know it is canon that she lost her parents at a young age, thereby presumably burdening her with her younger sister. We know that she has dedicated herself to her career (and I hesitate to use that term, knowing what we know about where she winds up in the future) as an Auror, and most likely threw herself into training straight out of school. And, extrapolating from the ages of the other Aurors shown in the movie, it’s a good bet that she did all this at a phenomenally young age.

25 years of living, part of that time as either a ward of the state or with a relative (which would not give her time to get up to any funny business), another good portion of that time at school (which means that, if we consider how quickly she got to where she is now, she dedicated all her time to studying–her syllabus, not boys), and the rest of that time in Auror training and then building a name and reputation for herself?

It is very likely that Tina is a virgin. “Modern woman” status aside, dedication to her sister and to her career and personal drive aside, she has an extra consideration that Newt doesn’t really have to concern himself with: if she slips up once, just once, and she winds up pregnant, then the onus is on her to bear that burden.

Birth control back then was either expensive, difficult to obtain or both. Not to mention, for the No-Maj population at least, it was limited to condoms. We have no way of knowing how the wizarding world controls their birth rates, but considering how backwards they are about many things (and considering the silence from JKR on the matter), it’s a safe bet that they are no more advanced than the No-Maj world. Therefore, a smart woman (and Tina, we can all agree, is very smart) would have made the choice to abstain from penetrative sex until at least entering a solid engagement.

Logical conclusion: Tina may not be celestial, but she is most definitely a virgin. I’m sure she had her wild moments–fumbling kisses behind the greenhouse at Ilvermorny, stepping out with a gentleman or two when her schedule allowed, maybe even some heavy petting through clothes–but that’s as far as it would go. Given the facts of life for women at the time (even for “advanced” wizarding world women), and the unknown status of birth control availability and accessibility, it’s a statistically safe bet that she is still a virgin.


On a side note, I know a lot of people in the fandom chafe when someone like me points out the historical reality of these times. I get that, I really do…but for me, fantasy is so much more enjoyable when it parallels and/or is rooted in reality.

If you want to ignore historical facts, that’s completely fine! Knock yourself out. Just understand that when I build my fictional universes and my head-canons, I am doing so with one foot in the real-world. If I can add up the weight of historical fact and combine it with what I know about a character (which is what I’ve done to reach my conclusions above), then that’s what I’m going to do–which is not to say that I don’t stray from it on occasion, because I do. ;)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a virgin!Newt one-shot to write.

Dark Souls Abyss Watcher WIP

Belts, belts, so many belts!  These are all real leather that I cut, dyed, and weathered myself.  Most of the buckles and stuff are real metal, but I did make a couple things out of thibra painted silver, and am glad that they’re not very obvious.  The chrome spray paint I found is awesome.

I’m also working on throwing knives for my pauldron.  I used veg tan leather for the sheaths (still need to be dyed) and two layers of thibra for blades (still need to be painted silver).  I was originally going to glue the knives in or maybe use magnets so they’re removable, but I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that the knives stay in from friction alone.  I’ll also be making the little strap thingies that go over the sheaths, once that’s all dyed and ready to be attached to the belt.

Still on schedule for PAX EAST 2017 w00t w00t :-D

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Your old icon has returned!

Aw thanks for noticing!  I did miss Tae-Jun and I’m glad to have him back, but in reality it was more because Tumblr seems to have changed something that fucked up my theme lol.  All photosets were only showing the top inch or so of the first image and nothing else (even given time to load), so I finally had to switch over to this theme that I’d been considering for a while now.  I accidentally uploaded my sidebar image as my avatar and when I went to fix it the Tae-Jun icon was the easiest one to find.  At least I had his adorable chibi face as the silver lining to my latest Tumblr update cloud ^-^.