w.w hale the fifth


Katerina Bishop & W.W. Hale the Fifth

“Kat,“ Hale groaned, then fell back onto the pillows.
“Funny, I didn’t hear a doorbell.”
“I let myself in; hope that’s okay.”
Hale smiled. “Or the alarm.”
She stepped inside, tossed a pocket-size bag of tools onto the bed.
“You’re due for an upgrade.”
Hale propped himself against the antique headboard and squinted up at her.
“She returns.” He crossed his arms across his bare chest. “You know, I could be naked in here.”

153. When Kat and Hale get engaged, they decide to keep it a secret. They then decide to con everyone into believing hosting a “fake” wedding is necessary for a huge heist. Everyone realizes the wedding is real when moments after the planned diversion explosion doesn’t go off, Hale formally asks Bobby Bishop for his daughter’s hand in marriage in front of everyone. 


Neverending Collection of Fictional OTPs [4/??] : Katarina Bishop and W.W. Hale the Fifth, Heist Society Series by Ally Carter

“So,” Hale said with a slow, easy grin, “did you miss me?”

A good thief is always a great liar. It’s part of the skill set, the tools, the craft. And at that moment, Kat thought it was probably a very good thing she’d walked away from the life, because when she said, “No,” Hale just smiled wider.

why you should read heist society by ally carter

did you like six of crows by leigh bardugo? specifically the heist part with a bunch of teens?? then you’ll love the heist society series by ally carter!

here are a bunch more reasons why you should read these books (slight spoilers bc i am incapable of praising something without spoiling it)

  • protagonist kat bishop, a teenage girl who grew up in a family of thieves
  • but!! she gets tired of the thieving life and runs away to prep school
  • until……she gets kicked out
  • why? bc she was framed by w.w. hale the fifth  (will we ever get to know what the w’s stand for??????? no :((( ) for some cliche prank
  • did i mention that hale is super rich,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,,super rich?
  • anyway it turns out kat’s needed for a specific job
  • her dad was framed for stealing some Really Important Paintings from this ““““evil”“““ guy who tbh shouldn’t have had them in the first place
  • Antics with a capital A ensue
  • aka stealing-but-really-restealing the Really Important Paintings from the Henley
  • stuff goes down
  • and then the second book happens
  • uruguay? or paraguay?
  • cons
  • “i think you should apologize to my ship”
  • more cons ??????
  • and then the third book
  • my fave tbh it’s so heartbreaking
  • the whole extended family comes in!!! more people than you think!!!
  • i can feel myself about to spoil this book just trust me when i say it’s the best one please
  • also you have such beautiful lines such as
  • “someday you will know that the heart is not always as wise as it is strong”
  • “time, the greatest thief of all”
  • “do you believe in curses, hale?” “i believe in you”
  • and then you have
  • “corporate espionage is my second greatest passion” “with the first being?” “gelato”
  • “according to thief culture, if you’re going to court Kat, you now owe me two dozen goats”
  • “kat could never be sure if hale had heard her or not, but nevertheless, he chose that moment to pick up a model of a world-class racing yacht and begin making bubble noises as it dove to the bottom of an imaginary lake”

this has been a psa: read the heist society series by ally carter!!

YA Lit Meme: [3/8] OTPs » Kat x Hale (Ally Carter’s Heist Society)

“Why are you doing this, Hale?”
“What?” he said. He was still too close.
“You could do anything,” she said softly, looking down, wanting him to hear her but not see her. "Why are you doing this?“
His arm was warm against hers. "I always wanted to do the Henley.”
“Can you be serious for a second?”
“Dance with me.”
“What?" she asked, but his arms were already going around her waist. He was already holding her tightly against him.
"Dancing. Come on. You can do it. It’s a lot like navigating through a laser grid. It requires rhythm.” He moved her hips to the beat of the distant music. “And patience.” He spun her out slowly and back toward him. “And it’s only fun if you trust your partner.” The dip was so slow, so smooth, that Kat didn’t know it was happening until the world had already turned upside down and Hale’s face was inches from her own.
“Count me in, Kat.” He squeezed her tighter. “You should always count me in.”