Some sprite sets from W.I.S.H showing some of the customization options for the main character. As you can see, as of now there are three outfit colors, three different hairstyles, and the option to add glasses.

What I’ll probably add:

  • more outfit colors

What I might add:

  • alternate eye and hair colors
  • ability to wear work outfit as the main outfit - would anyone even be interested in this?

What I wish I could add but probably won’t:

  • alternate outfits (because I commissioned these sprites 3 years ago and there’s a slim chance the artist is still active, which is too bad)

And on a random note, I need to come up with more unique names for my games. x.x


Ani: “So what do you think we should call him?”

James: “If he takes your last name… ‘Hannibal’ seems appropriate.”

Ani: “'Hannibal Lector,’ huh? Hmm…”

Seiko: “Oh, for goodness’ sake, he’s a cat, not a serial killer.”

James: “Wrong. The little monsters cloak themselves in 'cuteness’ in order to fool us idiotic humans to do their bidding, but behind those beady yellow eyes hides a killing machine, perfected through years of evolution. They’re pure evil, I tell you.”

Seiko: “…Wow, you really hate cats, don’t you?”

Ani: “Um, I think he was traumatized by a really mean cat we had as children…”

James: “Shut up, Ani. And tell your cat to stop giving me that evil look. See? It’s already planning an attack, I can tell.”


Sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a few days - I was visiting family over the weekend.

I still got some work done, though. You can see the latest background I finished (night version) in the screenshots above. Along with that, I got the in-game time system programmed and working, so now it’ll keep track of what day, weekday, month, and time of day it is, which means that displayables will change accordingly.

That said, enjoy this funny little scene from Anomen’s route. :)