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imagine telling knock-knock jokes on the door to the well of souls to try and drive absalom crazy

Just knocking on the door in general to annoy him is hilarious to me :D

“Knock knock!”

From inside, you hear a furious, muffled roar, “For the fourth time, W.H.O  I.S  T.H.E.R.E!?



“Al give you a kiss if you open this door :)”

He nearly does. He sooooooo nearly does just so he can kill you. 


So everybody knows about World War Z and how the production was a ridiculously over-budget red hot mess with no ending and the studio totally freaked out and in 2012 brought in one of the guys from Lost to write an actual ending and he was like, Yeah, Brad Pitt will just crash a freaking huge 747 into Wales because that’s a place I’ve heard of and deliciously scruffy Doctor W.H.O.

(a name that I’m sure will obviously *never* be relevant in any way in the future) with his tartan shirt – which he wears because he’s Scottish OF COURSE – and his fabulous hair and fashionable brown jumper will totally fix everything and then Brad Pitt will go to Canada and also zombies.

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how the meeting went and it clearly worked because the movie made a TON of money and was the exact opposite of the box office disaster everyone had expected it to to be.

“boys like girls with curves” “boys like thin girls” “boys like long hair better on girls” “boys don’t like when girls wear makeup”

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W.H.O. Weighs Dropping Transgender Identity From List of Mental Disorders
A proposal to remove the designation from international guidelines is rapidly gaining support, and would lessen stigmatization.
By Pam Belluck

Removing the mental health label from transgender identity would be a powerful signifier of acceptance, advocates and mental health professionals say.

“It’s sending a very strong message that the rest of the world is no longer considering it a mental disorder,” said Dr. Michael First, a professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University and the chief technical consultant to the new edition of the codebook, which is known by its initials and the edition number I.C.D.-11. “One of the benefits of moving it out of the mental disorder section is trying to reduce stigma.”

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  3. [sourceless picture of a mock-up (i.e. fake) Doctor Who Magazine letters page containing a letter supposedly (i.e. fake) from a six-year-old Peter Capaldi] “WHY IS NOBODY TALKIGN ABUT THIS???”
  4. posts about David Tennant and Matt Smith
  5. fuckity fuckity fuck lol swearing is so funny and since peter capaldi once played a character who swore a lot he is now completely incapable of playing any characters other than foul-mouthed jerks lol i’m totally the first person ever to make this joke
  6. *clueless post indicating complete ignorance of the mechanics of regeneration*
  7. kidneys
  8. *Moffat hate thinly disguised as Capaldi appreciation and based on groundless rumours*
  9. 0% the actual letter he sent when he was 15, because that one is actually relevant and talks about the show and we can’t have that
  10. Photoshopped poster being passed off as official costume announcement
  11. Fake Twitter account being passed off as official Capaldi
  12. Smug dudebro posts about how “stupid fangirls” will somehow be forced to leave the fandom

Tune in this spring for new episodes of “Doctor: W.H.O.”!

The thrilling adventures of an employee of the World Health Organization as he travels the world, meeting people who are strangely excited to meet him, runs from angry Internet commenters who insist his name isn’t *actually* Doctor W.H.O., and is constantly interrupted just before he can spend three seconds to do the Google search that would solve this whole dilemma!

“Hand me the scalpel.”
“Why not use your screwdriver, huh?”
“Screwdr- WHAT? My God, I’d heard the health care system in America had its flaws, but this is just ridiculous.”

Coming soon to a TV near you! Catch all the episodes you can before they hit us with a cease and desi- oh, there it is, sorry.

  • Zombie outbreak in fiction: no one tells anyone a fucking thing, only one man can discover the conspiracy, the government will stop at nothing to protect it's secret
  • 5 people get flu in real life: 24 hour coverage at their bedside, pastors declare apocalypse is nigh, W.H.O. posts detailed instructions on preventative measures

In its statement on Thursday, the W.H.O. said the countries hit hardest by the epidemic — Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone — were “struggling to control the escalating outbreak against a backdrop of severely compromised health systems, significant deficits in capacity, and rampant fear.”

Mr. Aylward, picking out details of the road map, said it would need at least 750 international and 12,000 local health workers, not in capital cities but “right out there in the districts running the operations.”

“That is very difficult in the current environment,” he added, alluding to fears arising from the high number of medical workers — 250 as of Monday — who had contracted the disease. Recruiting international staff may be harder than finding local personnel, he added, debunking the notion that locals were running away from the crisis.

Health workers were getting infected because they were exhausted from working extraordinary hours, Mr. Aylward said. “The best way to get this program safer is to get a lot more people into these countries,” he said.