“He tucked the picture into the back of the notepad, as an afterthought scribbling the words don’t forget in the corner.”

Hey guys, did you know that @abadtime has written a BOTWOT flashback piece?
Well now you do, go read it for some context then come look at this.

I see this as Sans looking back on it, years later. But you can take it whatever way you want. I just needed to get it out of my head, the second I read it I knew I had to draw it *_*

(I suppose this works out of BOTWOT context too? Idk)


I needed to start a new post because I couldn’t fit this one on the older post…

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Arcs planned so far.

Real Knife - Red’s memories developed a mind of their own, they go through multiple memory resets to try to escape the locket.

Angel of Code - We dwell into Indigo’s childhood and inspirations.

Once There Were Three - Gaz’s past with Asgore and Toriel before falling into the core, Gaz also realizes Indigo’s potential.

Asterisk - Web Dings Aster and their unique community.

The Little Frisk - Travel along with this Frisk and their adventure of Undertale.

(These plans might change overtime.)


Despite showing up to the party hella late (Saturday afternoon to be exact) My family an I still managed to have a skele-TON of fun at AMW this year! And i gotta say this is the biggest project that i have ever tackled. 3 cosplays done in a  month was asking a lot, but through pure determination, a little help from my family, and way to many double-shot caramel frappuccinos, I actually succeeded in making all 3 ;w;. (we hit a few snags with Paps armor but that will be fixed for future cons ;P along with some cosmic eye socket lights for all 3 oooooooo :3c ) 

Undertale captured my heart, and here i show my token of appreciation. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to challenge myself <3 

And thank you to the lovely con goers that helped us take these pictures, if not for you we would be pictureless!  

The Great Papyrus: Me! Purpledragoncaptor

Sans The Skeleton: @arseniccatbug

W.D. Gaster: Our super cool Mother ;P 

AMW 2016