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Microfic: whatever the hell you want, just with Lance.

Lance was missing at dinner. The whole group was worried, but when Hunk nominated himself to hunt him down, they all accepted that, looking relieved. Hunk was the best choice for anything Lance-related, ninety-nine percent of the time.

Lance wasn’t in the lounge, or his room, or on the command deck, or with Blue. Hunk kept looking, wandering the halls, footsteps gradually slowing. Then he heard chittering at his feet and looked down. The blue mouse, Chulatt, waved its arms to get his attention, then darted down the hall. It paused and looked back to make sure he was following, and Hunk did.

Chulatt led him to a random corner of a random hallway, far away from the inhabited areas. Lance was sitting with his back to the corner, his hood pulled over his head and his knees raised to his chest. The other mice were there, scampering around on the floor next to him. Lance was playing with them, somewhat listlessly, dragging his fingers on the floor for them to chase, then turning his hand around and tickling their tummies.

At the sound of Hunk’s footsteps, Lance glanced up at him, then down again. He stopped moving, his hand still on the floor, and the three mice curled up in his palm as if forming their own tiny cuddle pile, soon joined by Chulatt as well. Hunk sighed, then walked slowly over and slid down to sit in next to Lance. The glimpse of Lance’s face had been brief, but he’d been able to see that his eyes were red-rimmed, his cheeks streaked with teartracks.

“Tell me?” Hunk asked, soft as could be.

Lance shrugged, his head still down. His fingers twitched around the little pile of mice in his hand, like a very careful hug. “I just…” His voice was thick. “Just needed to be alone. I didn’t mean to make anyone worry. I missed supper, didn’t I?”

“Yeah.” Hunk scooted closer and very slowly, very gently put his arm around Lance’s shoulders, careful not to get in the way of the mouse-pile. “There’s plenty left though, when you’re ready to head back.”

Hunk understood the need to just find somewhere to cry where no one could interrupt or try to help or ask what was wrong. Sometimes there was nothing anyone else could do. Sometimes you just needed to let it all out. It didn’t make his heart hurt any less, but he understood.

Lance sniffled, then rested his head on Hunk’s shoulder. “I just… I miss them.”

“I know.” Hunk leaned his head against Lance’s. “It’s okay.”

“Don’t tell the others?”

“Not if you don’t want me to. We can tell them you fell in asleep in Blue or something. But everyone would understand, you know.”

“I know. I just…” Lance sighed and slumped a little further into Hunk’s side. “It’s my burden to bear. And I kinda… Kinda want it that way. They’re my family. It’s supposed to hurt to be away from them. I don’t want it to fade. I don’t want to get used to this.”

Hunk’s heart ached. “Sure. Whatever you need.” He turned his head and planted a kiss in Lance’s hair. “Let’s just sit here for a little while, then.”

“Thank you.”

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Shiro & Lance, both worrying about Keith after he gets hurt?

There were hands on him, too many, too confusing. Keith tried to fight, tried to bat them away, but his vision was blurring in and out and he was weirdly weak. “Sit still, you idiot, I’m trying to help you…” Lance’s voice, and Keith fought harder, though he didn’t know why.

“Keith.” A deeper voice, more quiet, closer to his ear. Shiro. Keith went still at once, and the hands on him shifted. They pressed against him, and Keith squirmed, a gasp of pain wrenching out of him. There was a wet squelch, something thick sliding over his skin.

“Of course he listens to you,” Lance’s voice again, high and complaining. “What the quiznak, Keith. Even when you’re almost dead you’ll listen to Shiro and not me?”

Keith sucked in a breath and tried to open his eyes, couldn’t do it. One of the hands on him moved away from the place that hurt and swept through his hair. It was a big hand, warm and comforting and Shiro, and Keith relaxed.

Shiro chuckled, deep and reassuring. “It’s a good sign, Lance. Means he’s still in there. Everything’ll be okay. We just have to get him back to the castle.”

“Yeah, sure, act like this is normal and Keith isn’t an actual freak from the planet Freakazoid,” Lance grumbled, but his hand moved too, slim and soft. His palm cupped carefully around Keith’s cheek; his thumb nudged at his eye. “You in there, buddy-boy? You gotta pull through or Shiro will be wrong, and we can’t have that.”

Keith opened his eyes again, saw a blur of a brown face leaning over him. He huffed out a breath through his nose and nodded, once, his head loose and lolling. His head spun from the effort, and he went still.

Lance let go of his cheek and went back to pressing his wound with Shiro, four hands, two large and strong, two smaller but still strong. Keith felt utterly safe. He closed his eyes.

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[ENG TRANS] Chungha for W Korea March 2017 - caption

I’m the most excited when I dance, and it’s when I have the most freedom. During my time as a dance student, whether it was the fervor I felt or the memories I picked up with friends, I realized that this was a dream that I could have to proceed into the future with.

TRANS © GODDESSCHUNGHA_; take out with full credit ; scan © chungha_yawn

For all you of new here who are unaware, im dmab, im two spirit going back and forth between being masc and fem but i refer to myself as trans fem a lot because that has to deal with my life a lot, im def a boy but im also a girl most ppl just see me that way who have been with me post fall 2016 since i started making it a priority to be more fem outwardly