• TG fandom after ch113 be like: omG Mutsuki PLEASE be careful! We all know Uta's a dangerous and crazy psycho, so PLEASE WATCH OUT AND BE CAREFUL!!
  • TG fandom after ch114 be like: ...Uta u okay?

One time I posted about how I’d developed some kind of dysphagia and couldn’t swallow food or drink without searing pain in my throat for weeks.

Someone sent me a pissy anon about how suspicious it was that I had conveniently never mentioned having dysphagia before then, and was probably making it up for attention.

Well, it turned out that the al dente pasta dish I’d eaten in Marrakesh had left a fucking noodle lodged in my throat.

shibainupml  asked:

could you recommend me some good blogs? i talked to you the other day about making a new account, and this is it, but i followed a bunch of inactive people on my other account and i wanted to see who you would recommend ^-^

honestly all my mutuals are golden and i recommend them all so this is basically going to be a list of d&p mutuals (that are rly active)

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