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Day 2: Hypothermia - Lance

“Lance, I really think this is a bad idea,” Keith says warily, staring up at the sky. It’s nearly midnight, and Keith thinks that Lance is a complete idiot.

Well, Keith always thinks Lance is a complete idiot, but tonight he thinks he’s even more of one than usual.

Keith shivers as the wind picks up, and the cold breeze nips at all exposed skin (which is only his face, neck and hands).

Lance decided that he wants to skinny dip in the lake close to campus. He has no logical reasoning to do so, it’s just something he’s always wanted to do. He is, of course, alone in this desire. Hunk, Shiro, Pidge and Keith all collectively think that Lance is a moron, but Keith is the only one who went with him on his endeavor. He has no plans to join him - he doesn’t want to catch pneumonia or worse, but he also isn’t about to leave Lance alone with his shitty decision.

Also, he’s Lance’s roommate, so by default, he’s the one stuck joining him.

“No, it’ll be fine! Are you sure you don’t want to do it too?”



“I’m not a baby, I just have some fucking self-preservation instincts. You should try it sometime, it’s great.” Keith deadpans, rolling his eyes.

“I haven’t died yet, okay?”

Yet. Tonight might be the night.”

“Shut it, mullet,” Lance says, shoving a finger in Keith’s direction, “if you’re just going to stand there and nag, you can leave.”

“I’m just saying. Why couldn’t you have picked a warmer night? It’s fifty degrees out, you’re going to die.”

“I will not.”

“It’s storming,” Keith says, looking up at the sky again, “it’s going to start raining soon.”

Lance shimmied out of his pants, “well then I better get going.”

As soon as he strips down to nothing, he takes a running start and wades into the water. He shivers at how icy it feels, and every instinct is screaming at him to turn around, get dressed and go back to his dorm.

But, he already made a big deal about it, and he had to save face. Lance submerges himself completely into the water, and then stands up.

Hot damn that’s cold.

“Are you ready to leave?” Keith asks, and holds a towel out for Lance to take.

“Th-the w-w-water is g-great,” Lance shivers, teeth chattering, sinking back down into the water, “s-so w-w-warm.”

Keith quirks a brow, “yeah, I’m calling bullshit. Get out before you freeze.”

Lance hugs his body in a desperate attempt to get warm. “W-w-what a-are you t-talking about?”

“You’d be more convincing if you weren’t shivering so bad. Come on, get out. It’s starting to sprinkle.”

Then, it was as if the heavens opened up. In less than two seconds, it went from sprinkling lightly to a torrential downpour.

“Shit, get out,” Keith hisses.

Lance hurries out of the lake as fast as his numb legs can carry him.

Keith stares down at the now-soaked towel and sighs heavily.

Great. The towel is soaked, they didn’t drive here so they still have a ten minute walk to their dorms, and Lance’s teeth are chattering so hard, Keith can hear it over the sound of the rain.

“We should get going,” Keith says, and nods his head once towards the road. “Get dressed.”

His clothes are soaking wet now, too, and Lance struggles with them. His fingers are numb, which is making it much harder than it should be to get dressed.

By the time they get to their dorm building, Lance is miserable. He’s rain-soaked, his clothes are now clinging uncomfortably to his body. His hair is plastered to his forehead and dripping into his eyes. Goosebumps cover his arms and legs, and his jaw is aching because he’s been clenching his jaw to try and quell the shivers.

“Lance, where’s your key?” Keith asks.

“M-m-my k-key?” Lance frowns, confused.

“Yes, the key,” Keith snaps, his tone sharp, “it’s past midnight. We need it to get into the building. Where is it?”

“I d-don’t h-have a key…y-you said you h-had it.”

“No, I asked you to grab the key.”


Keith pinches the bridge of his nose.

“You’re shit at listening. I knew I should have grabbed it.”


“It’s fine…I’m going to call Shiro, just…go walk around to warm up or something.”

Lance is too tired to walk around, so instead he decides to sit on the curb.

“Hey, Keith,” Shiro says happily upon answering the phone, “what’s up?”

Keith pushes his rain soaked bangs out of his face as a shiver wracks his body, “are you in your dorm?”

“No, we’re all at Denny’s. Why?”

“We’re locked out of the building. Neither of us have a key.”

“Oh, fuck,” Shiro hisses, “did Lance go skinny dipping?”

“Yes he fucking did,” Keith groans, and looks at Lance, “dude, stand up. Walk around, don’t just sit there.”

“I’m tired,” Lance whines.

“How fast can you come?” Keith asks, returning to his and Shiro’s conversation.

“Thirty minutes maybe? I’ll try to hurry. See if-” Keith’s phone cuts out. When he looks at the screen, he nearly cries in frustration.

“Wha’happened?” Lance slurs.

Keith hucks his phone. “My phone died.”

They lapse into silence, and it’s about fifteen minutes before Keith realizes that Lance is no longer shivering. Lance is also slumped against Keith and not fully conscious.

“Lance,” He says, shaking him. Lance doesn’t respond, and Keith curses under his breath. “Lance, come on. You gotta stay with me.”

Lance forces his eyes open. He’s so tired, his limbs feel heavy, and he just wants to go to sleep.

“Keith?” He frowns, tongue sticking to the roof of his mouth.

Another fifteen minutes pass, and Keith is silently wishing this stupid school would just burn. Did they not believe in awnings? There was nowhere for either of them to stand (or sit) that would give them shelter from the rain.

Finally, Keith sees Shiro’s car pull up against the curb.

“Shit,” Shiro curses, getting out of his car and slamming the door behind him. Hunk and Pidge get out as well, Pidge runs ahead to open the door for them.

Hunk and Shiro help Keith get Lance up.

“We need to get you guys inside,” Shiro says, scooping Lance (who’s completely unresponsive at this point) up.

“We don’t have a key.”

“My dorm is right here,” Shiro says, “shit, he’s freezing.”

Lance regains consciousness, but just barely. He’s vaguely aware that someone has changed him into dry clothes.

He’s also vaguely aware that he’s underneath a pile of blankets.

He’s feeling pretty out of it though, and before he can put much more thought into it, he’s asleep again.

“-he okay?”

“Keith, he’ll be okay,” someone says.

Keith. That’s who the previous voice belonged to.

But who’s he speaking to? Lance wonders.

Whoever it is sounds much calmer than Keith.

“Obviously. I just think we should take him to the emergency room. He’s still too cold.”

“Ninety seven degrees. He’ll be okay, relax.”

“That’s too cold,” Keith presses.

“Keith. I know what I’m doing.”

“Yeah, you’ve worked on a lot of hypothermia patients, Shiro?” Keith bites, tone sharp and laced with concern.  

Shiro. Oh.

“I understand you’re worried, but you need to relax. He’s okay.”

“What happened?” Lance groans.

Keith sighs in relief, “hallelujah.”

“Why do you look so worried, mullet?” Lance mumbles, feeling the exhaustion weighing him down.

Keith blinks. “Do you not remember almost dying? Speaking of which, you’re a fucking idiot and if you ever pull something like this, I’ll have your head. Got it?”

“Mmhmm…okay.  Sorry.”

Whoever’s couch it is that he’s on, owns the most comfortable couch in existence Lance thinks to himself.

“Go to sleep,” Shiro says, piling another few blankets on him.

“Shouldn’t he have something hot to drink first?” Keith asks, staring down at Lance.

“No….” Lance mumbles, already being pulled under by sleep.

“He can have some when he wakes up. He’s exhausted.”

“Yeah…okay,” Keith says, concern still coloring his tone. “Goodnight, moron.”

Lance smiles into the blankets. “‘Night.”


street fighter  ||  G I P S Y   D A N G E R   –   A M E R I C A
                           ↳  LAUNCHED : JULY 10TH, 2017  

Hyde - Ravi/Kim Wonsik x Reader - Part 4

Summary: After having an unfortunate and frightening encounter with Kim Wonshik, you learn that he is in fact, sharing his body with a much more evil personality, Hyde. A ruthless and violent person. When put into a situation where you encounter either of them almost everyday, not knowing which was which upon meeting, how will you manage to live a decent peaceful life, whilst developing feelings for the much more sane one of the two?

Originally posted by glamournessmygod

After Hongbin had explained everything to you, everyone had come to an agreement, that when Ravi came out you were to stay away from him and he wasn’t to be told you were there due to the sole fact that you were an outsider and having already attacked you, his reaction to seeing you again would be unpredictable.

The rest of that day was spent conversing with the boys though Wonshik left right after the incident. You felt extremely bad for having made him uncomfortable, however, you couldn’t wrap your head around the fact that there were somewhat set times Ravi would come out and so you were scared that they would swap randomly one day and you would be in danger.

The next day you had begun tending to the garden but in all honesty, just clearing it up would take months. Then you’d have to decorate it and plant all kinds of things to make it look at least decent. Decent wasn’t going to cut it considering how kind Ken and the others had been towards you.

Brushing your hands on the apron you were wearing you let out a deep sigh looking over it all.

“Given up already?”

You jumped at the unexpected appearance of Hyuk as he stood there chuckling to himself. He then walked over and stood next to you, looking over the garden.

“You haven’t even put a dent in the workload!”

Scowling you turned to him and gave him a piece of your mind.

“I’ll have you know I only started not too long ago, beside that who’s fault is it that the garden is in this state in the first place?”

Raising an eyebrow at him, his smile dropped and he struggled to get words out.

“H-hey! I said it was… I mean I wasn’t me! It was Leo’s fault!”

At that moment Leo stepped out of the house and onto the patio the both of you were standing on. Then he looked at the both of you, a blank expression on his face, and walked past into the garden. Watching him silently, you noted as you witnessed him go through a disfigured bush, most probably leading to an unknown pathway, and disappear behind the greenery.

“So he does go into the garden! I knew it!”

“Why is Leo so quiet?”

You asked mindlessly, forgetting Hyuk was there, nevertheless you got an answer.

“He’s always been like that. He works as an officer though he doesn’t speak unless he really needs to. Well at least to strangers. He does converse with us.”

Leo hadn’t uttered a single word to you through out the time you had spent there so far and had never shown any kind of emotion to you. You didn’t mind but you had hoped he’d at least acknowledge you from time to time. Walking back into the house with Hyuk you were approached by N who had a sweet smile plastered across his face. One that was clearly contagious as you began to mirror his expression.

“Hello N! What’s got you so happy this early in the morning?”

He smiled even wider, a beautiful eye smile that had you studying his facial features carefully, though you were shaken from the trance when he started speaking.

“Do you know that wonderful feeling of change? Like when you move house and you wake up the next day revitalised due to the refreshing change! That’s how I felt when I got up, after I had remembered you’d be here!”

Your eyes widened but you completely understood what N was saying, almost everyone has gone through something such as this, whether it be small or big.

“You’re so kind N! Thank you!”

He nodded and his smile toned down when he began to ask you a question, eyes shifting under both you and Hyuk’s silent gaze.

“Ah, I was wondering if you’d like to help me at the bakery today? I could show you around as well, but you don’t have to!”

Contemplating for a moment you came to an easy decision, though you also proposed something.

“N, is it alright if I work at the bakery permanently? Without pay of course, the sum of the house you all are letting me stay in is way too large, my side of the deal is unfair! Just cleaning up the garden and paying me seems too much.”

N looked over at Hyuk, shocked that you had proposed such a thing but nonetheless he nodded enthusiastically. “Of course! But I know Ken will insist on paying you for the garden, after all, you need spending money.”


You and N had begun to make your way through the small town, occasionally stopping to admire items on display or introduce yourself to those who were curious. It seemed that N was extremely popular with the young and older females, yet you could understand why. Sweet and handsome it was hard not to like him, throwing in his positive attitude topped off the package.

Soon enough you had arrived at a decently sized building with the words ‘N’s Bakery’ plastered on a sign outside, glancing at it and then looking up, you came face to face with N’s bright smile. “Cheesy right? The cheesier the friendlier!”

Turning back around he unlocked the door before stepping inside, you following suit. The display cases were completely empty and you shot N a questioning glance. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders before saying “well you can’t expect me to sell pastries that aren’t fresh? I bake them here!”

“You do? That must be such hard work, I’ll definitely help you now!”

“Thank you! Before anything, is it okay if you make something just so I can test it?”

You nodded confidently and immediately got to work as N began to pile ingredients onto the counter.


To say you done decently was on over statement. If you had been honest with yourself and N, which you hadn’t been, you would have said you couldn’t make a decent cup of coffee let alone bake something. So to have N coughing and frantically asking you for water was no surprise.

“G-gah, w-water!”

Running over to a faucet you grabbed a cup before filling it up and handed it to his wavering arm. Gulping it down in one go he sat on the floor and tried to cover his ragged breathing. Silence took over the small room and you rolled on your heels finger entwined avoiding eye contact with the boy who almost met death himself.

“Well that was… unique?”

Holding your head down in shame you apologised profusely to him and he tried to brush it off before abruptly stopping.

“Wait, what day is it?”

“It’s Thursday, why?”

He shot up and grabbed your arm before dragging you into the storage room. Before exiting he turned to you, a strained yet worried smile stretched across his face.

“Don’t come out until I say so.”

With that he closed the door and left you inside. If not for the small window you’d have no idea why he pushed you inside. Peeking through it you saw Wonshik walk through the door and stride up to the counter.