“Pour,” Ser Jorah commanded. The four young warriors of Dany’s khas arrayed themselves behind him, frowning, watching with their dark, almond - shaped eyes.
“It would be a crime to drink this rich a wine without letting it breathe.” The wineseller had not put his hammer down.
Jhogo reached for the whip coiled at his belt, but Dany stopped him with a light touch on the arm. “Do as Ser Jorah says,” she said. People were stopping to watch.
The man gave her a quick, sullen glance. “As the princess commands.”


 I’ll live where I live, I’ll work when I need money, and I’ll see where I end up. You could do more. Oh, here come the pompoms. No, no pompoms. just me saying that you could do more.

I    c o u l d n ’ t    h a v e    d o n e    i t    w i t h o u t    y o u .




Happy 31st (LOOL) birthday, you cute little devil! ♥

  • aph america:is a superpower
  • aph america:has superstrength
  • aph america:flies planes
  • aph america:i s t h e w o r l d s o n l y f u c k i n g s u p e r p o w e r
  • aph america:isnt actually lazy
  • aph america:likes archaeology
  • fandom aph america:omg dudez !! XD
  • fandom aph america:oh my im handcuffed with normal handcuffs that i could easily break !! :oooo guess i cant do anything
  • fandom aph america:whats 7 x 6???? im so stupid lol!

N o t h i n g   c h a n g e s   a n y m o r e.
T h i s   w o r l d   t h a t   b e l o n g s   o n l y   t o   m e,
e a c h   a n d   e v e r y   d a y,   c o n t i n u e s   o n.
B u t   i’ m   n o t   l o n e l y.
I t   d o e s n’ t   b o t h e r   m e   a t   a l l.


Arm photons. Prepare to fire on the Klingon warbirds.
         Jim! Their shields are still up!