ut4k4t4  asked:

what is 4wty?

4wty (or 4R3 W3 TH3R3 Y3T/awty) is an au story/possible fanventure about humanstuck kids about a year into college all meeting up again and having a fun roadtrip in a bus vriska built because she still cant figure out what she wants to do in her adult life and figured an all out indie movie style adventure to see her friends and the sights might help her figure that kind of thing out

its a lot of kids becoming comfortable with themselves and also just having a chance to have some fun!!!! bc im also a college student and wish i could hang out with all my friends and have fun and figure stuff out ;v;

also the tag on tumblr official might b acting up or broken but all of the info is also on my own blog @ hellobeau.tumblr.com/tagged/4wty

i really miss these neets!! :’(
also ignore the mistakes pls,, im sorry its 4am aaA