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Maya, is it normal for PR teams to adjust promo strategy based on the reaction an interview might generate? For example, if Harry's interview with Nick causes bad press for him (ie: The Sun) or in the general public, do they make adjustments for the next interview, or do they stay the course with the promo plan they have, regardless? I'm not saying they need to, I'm just curious about the process.

Oh, yes! Normally competent teams do that! You start with a plan, but you always register both the audience’s and the fandom’s reactions, so that you’re able to shift here and there, insist on certain points, clarify others, push the angle that seems to be more convenient. Sometimes artists change their own plans about singles, too, if the public is particularly enthusiastic about a song, just to say.
Then there are teams that have talented, charitable, genuinely good clients but decide to purposefully paint them as aggressive dudes or absent fathers. But that’s another story we unfortunately know too well.

Trini and Billy Brotp Headcanons

 I realy think they’d be surprisingly good friends like Billy would be kinda scared of her at first bc she’s p intimidating despite..being short 

-but she’s always protective of him bc she know’s how it’s like to be bullied for being different like she had bad experiences at the other schools she went to    [more under the cut]

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