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so, my summer goal is to start reading more and yesterday i went to the bookshop and bought ‘Too Much and Not the Mood’ by Durga Chew-Bose and the sales assistant said she was in love w the book. n today it’s sunny and i’m finally wearing my daisy red gingham tie top, i drank an iced turmeric latte, ate a falafel pita pocket for lunch and  bought a under eye metallic ball roller and body sponge from the body shop. how’s your day? 💌

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hey um I just saw the soc gift exchange thing you reblogged and was wondering if it's possible to do something like that for tlc?? I mean, the fandom's getting pretty small now, but it would be so cool to do it before the last W&N book comes out right?

yeah! the tlc fandom actually already has one of these but i don’t run it. the blog for that is @tlcsecretsanta & idk if they’re planning on doing it again this year but hopefully! thanks for the ask anon, hope you join if it happens this year! 

Early Morning Texting (Barry x Reader)

Rating: G

Fandom: The Flash

Pairing: Barry x Reader (Platonic)

Credit: Personal imagine

When insomnia strikes, Reader and Barry send a few texts in the early morning. I wrote this out probably an hour or so ago because I did actually wake up for no reason at all. ADHD is fun… Mentions a few book series, including the Temerarie series by Naomi Novik. If you haven’t read it, do it. It’s set in Napoleonic war era but with dragons and gay men. Go read it. It’s great.

Don’t forget, askbox is open for requests. If you want something written, let me know what it is and what fandom.

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           You sighed as you tossed and turned in bed. You had woken up out from a dead sleep for no apparent reason at 2:00 am and now you couldn’t get back to sleep. Even with your white noise app playing softly in the background, your mind was too awake and buzzing to even consider settling in. Sighing, you reached over and tilted your phone to look at the time: 2:45. Fuck it.

           Turning off the app and turning on the lamp, you sat up and rubbed the remaining tiredness from your eyes. If you’re not going to get back to sleep, might as well use the quiet time to work on some writing. Sudden bouts of insomnia weren’t a new thing for you; you had always been a restless sleeper and most times would use it to your advantage. Didn’t mean it wasn’t annoying as hell, but it was better to work with the chaotic workings of your brain rather than fight it.

           You turned on your computer and while you were waiting for it to wake up at the ungodly hour, you posted a quick status message on your Facebook:

           Y/N feels annoyed: Insomnia sucks.

           With that done, you set your phone aside and moved onto your story. You quickly immersed yourself back into the story you had been working on, quickly forgetting about the insomnia and late night/early morning. About an hour into writing, you felt your phone vibrate next to your leg. Finishing the sentence, you glanced down to see you got a text. Sliding the app open, you were surprised it was your best friend, Barry Allen. What was he doing awake?

           Barry: Hey

           Y/N: Hey, what are you doing up?

           B: Not much, just scrolling FB. Ur right, insomnia sucks

           You looked at the screen in confusion on that one. You’ve known Barry and Iris since you moved to Central City in third grade. Unlike you, Barry wasn’t known to have sudden insomnia for no reason. When Barry slept, he slept like the dead. Unless…

           Y/N: You’re having those dreams again, aren’t you?

           You turned back to your computer, glancing at your phone every few seconds to see if he would text back. After about five minutes of radio silence, a text notification vibrated against your leg.

           B: Yeah

           Y/N: Talk about it?

           B: Not much to talk about. Same one really

           Y/N: Your mom?

           B: Yup

           Y/N: Sorry hon. L

           There wasn’t much else you could say to that. Barry had been plagued with nightmares about that night for years. While the dreams had died down to some extent, they came back with a vengeance after the particle accelerator explosion and the upsurge of attacks from various criminals with supernatural abilities. Unlike most people, you believed Barry’s story about the man in the lightning killing Mrs. Allen and you couldn’t help but wonder if the events were somehow connected. Considering the times, it wouldn’t be the craziest thing to happen.

           B: It’s fine (No it wasn’t). So whats ur excuse for being up at 3:33?

           Y/N: Do I even need one anymore?

           Y/N: Nah, I just woke up for no reason

           B: Lol tru. That’s always fun for u. Remember when u would sleepover?

           Y/N: Yeah. Joe would find me reading a book on the couch.

           B: I would join you sometimes too

           Y/N: HP made for awesome late night reads

           B: Tamora Pierce too

           Y/N: Inheritance Cycle

           B: Sherlock Holmes

           Y/N: All three of us were book worms

           B: Look whose talking? U brought the library w/ u lol

           Y/N: You and Iris had a pretty good collection too I recall.

           B: Tru.

           Y/N: Speaking of reading, you reading those Temeraire books I lent you?

           B: Reading right now in between texting u lol. Almost done w/ 3rd book

           Y/N: K, I’ll bring 4-5 in the morning at Jitters

           B: It is morning Y/N

           Y/N: It is night still. Morning comes when there is daylight

           B: LOL

           B: I think I’m going to finish the book and salvage what sleep I can get

           Y/N: K see you at 9?

           B: Yup. See u then

           Y/N: Love you, hon

           B: Love u too. Night