Every now and then I randomly remember that sixteen year old Harry just kinda knew that he wanted to live with Louis. He actually said that their home was going to be a family home and not a bachelor pad. And then of course I remember that he was looking forward to being domestic and then I cry.


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end vs toc vs noah :: Nebula 16
we still gonna get back to the regular solar system narrative joints in a minute, but we wanted to come through with this first, you feel me?? just on some different shit right quick. had somethin else in us right now. AY THO CHECK IT
nebula 17 comin thru real quick
in the meantime, if you wanna get caught up with THAT whole weird planetary personification narrative, u can either download [NEBULA ULTRA] for free which collects all installments of it in a huge bundled Thing along with a lot of neat art we all did, or you can just click all these things:


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I don't think I've seen you smile in any of your photos. You always look mad or disgusted at something.

It’s a consequence of having a resting “I-wish-a-motherfucker-would” face. I can assure you, I’m not always angry or disgusted at something.

And as for not seeing me smiling…

You have now.

Fools (M)

Summary: Harbored feelings over the years start to build up. Both you and Taehyung are so obviously in love with each other – well at least it was obvious to everyone except the two of you – and the world (aka Park Jimin) has made it it’s mission to get the two of you to realize the feelings are mutual.

Word Count: 9.8k.

Warnings: *breathes heavily* College!AU, angst, smut; i.e. dirty talk, angry sex, slight overstimulation.

A/N: This is what happens when I have an idea and decide to run with it – I write a fucking novel. I was listening to ‘Fools’ by Lauren Aquilina last night and branched this off of that song. This is officially the lengthiest thing I’ve ever written and I can tell you I’ve never felt as satisfied with an ending than I have before with this one. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! xx.

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What if we ruin it all and love like fools?

There’s always an up in the air situation when it came to having a best friend of the opposite sex. Everyone always assumed that the two people were together and when they tell them they’re not, they’re faced with comments telling them ‘Oh, you’d be perfect together!’ Or ‘You’re pretty much together already so why not make it official?’ Which can lead to one of two things; an awkward atmosphere that ends up putting too much strain on said friendship, thus the two friends drifting apart and ultimately never speaking again. Or it could lead to seemingly inevitable – admitting the hidden feelings.

When it comes to yours and Taehyung’s friendship, both of those options seem to scare the living shit out of you.

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