Triceps 6/23/17
5x20 each;
• Alt isolated cable pushdowns x1 minute,
• DB Skullcrushers w/inclined bench,
• Bent over DB kickbacks,
• Cable pushdowns,
• Cable pushdowns with an alt attachment,
• Inclined cable tricep extension,
• Declined cable pushdown,
• Nautilus tricep extension machine,
• A different nautilus tricep extension unit,

• After those I did a combo movement of Seated skullcrushers, lying skullcrushers, close grip bench w/ a 20lb barbell. I would get 20 reps per exercise and did this 5 times.

Saturday Crossfit

Warmup: Strict Press 1×10 (95 lb)
Push Press 2×5
Work sets:
1 Strict Press + 2 Push Press = 1 rep
5 sets x 3 reps
115 lbs

10, 9, 8… 2, 1 of:
DB Thrusters 40 lbs
DB Burpees 40 lbs
Box Jumps

23 minutes

**DB Burpee= Dbs down, feet out, chest down, feet in, stand up w/ dbs (no jump needed)


Guys, I made it to the gym this morning! 💁 Quick workout, but better than nothing!
Lat pull downs 4x8 #90 2x6 #95
Cable row machine 4x8 #100 2x6 #105
Bicep curls w/ db 6x5 #30
Single arm row 6x8 #30

Single arm cable row 6x8 #50
Single arm cable curl 5x6 #30

DB curls 3x6 #25
And 15 mins on the elliptical



Yesterday’s daily download:
1) getting warmerrrr
2) back update- not great angles or lighting
3) ootd
4) heating up my frozen water. Just wisco things.
5) PBJ rice cakes (sugar free jelly FTW)
6) gymshark track jacket! Post leg workout. (Leg press, leg extension, lunges, split sumo squats w/ db, step ups, Bulgarian split squats, cable kick backs, cable pull throughs)
7) dinner face
8) food- BYOSD (bring your own salad dressing?)

Friday felt long but I got a lot done at work and had a decent workout, and spent a few hours with some friends! Quality day all around!