That is her confused face tbh,
I’m super surprised that you guys are all here, like, I’m not actually sure how to handle all the cool people. When i first started in the sherlock fandom WAAAY back in 2013, playing John at first and then adding Sherlock, I was actually chased out of the fandom by people bashing a CERTAIN character and trying to shove a certain ship down peoples throats all the time.I was super nervous about coming back, but literally everyone has greeted me with kindness and the fandom on whole seems to have grown up a little bit. 
This is just a little list of some of the people who have been fantastic to me.

The Assistants - People I pretty much interact with every day. {The poor bastards}

@victorredbeardtrevor- My fantastic wife, Shilo who loves me and made Victor simply to rp with me and meet the new and awesome friends I’ve made.. We’ve been together for three years and actually met through tumblr rp. I love that we can keep up what we both love and what brought us together in the first place. You mean the world to me, and I will follow you to the ends of this earth and back. Through every life, every existence, I will always find you, I will always love you. insert i’m with you until the end of the line gif here lmao
But no, Mikki is a star and I’ve been talking to her and tricia every day since i rejoined. The two of them have adopted me as their daughter (Since, as we discovered I am basically the two of them as one person). Mikki is a sweet all around caring person with a bad ass side, just like her john, though she’s less crabby than him most days. ;D
@toldabetterstory - TRICIA WROTE ME A NOTE TO GET OUT OF WORK AND IS THE BEST MUM OKAY. She’s so incredibly sweet and she deals with my dumb twin headcanons and ideas, Sherlock/Scotia and Sheryl/Scotti get into so much shit and it’s great. She’s up at all times of the night usually, and she’s always really comforting when I need someone to talk to. I don’t think we’ve ever had serious chats, but some times I wake up and just need to know that someone else is there if everyone else is asleep.
@julietthotelwhiskey - Michelle is such a sweetheart. She’s someone who I message at least once a day (we would talk more often but the damned time zones get in the way). She’s just so easy to talk to and constantly shares adorable headcanons and painful gif and image sets. They always make my morning/day when I see them. Or some times I wake up or come home to these cute little random edits that make me screech like a banshee. I’m fairly certain it was Michelle who introduced me to Mikki and Trish too, so It’s her fault those two have to deal with me.
@pullingrank - I followed kai because of a ridiculous thread with Michelle (so it’s also her fault you have to put up with me, lmao) but it was john meeting john for a date and i’m like??? THis is both fantastic and a little scary. That was just a few days ago, but already they’re becoming one of my favourite people. They talked to me a lot while my gran was in the hospital and it really meant a lot. I can’t wait to get a proper thread going with you, if you’rse interested, but for now, you can expected the occasional meme, message, and ask for sure!

The Yard - People I talk to quiet often and absolutely adore (and would love to do more with

@mollv @storyspinningspidcr @abhordull/@bbcmary/@bbcmycroft @dyingmagpie @gcvrnment @ytrairomsemaj @traiinedassassiin @hisjiminycricket @notelementary @isaidfocus @goodshxt

Colleges - People I admire from afar

@mvcrofts @photographcr @doctxrwatsxn @blackvclvct @poxsonmenace @jawnlovesjumpers @dcntcount @wasadrinker @amongdeadthings @amanandgoodatit @britishnation @watsonofagun @jxhnwxtsxn @deadcentred @xnotourdivisionx @ofdeductions @psychopatx @grcy

You’ll have to forgive me if i’ve forgotten anyone! It certainly hasn’t been done on purpose. I really appreciate all of you that have stuck around despite Sherlock’s character in general. I may be doing a little give away for icons or a banner of sorts, so keep an eye out for that!