Hooray! Thought I was gunna die trying to finish this thing, buuut heck yessss! Man, I’d REALLY love a quality of animation, but it prolly would take me longer than ever and there would be huge delays. That’s why I decided to leave some simple movements. x3 Oh well, maybe next time! :D

Anyway, enjoy and have a PUNderful weekend~ ;3

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ A special thank to Toby Fox for creating this such amazing game and everything~ <3


So lately I have seen a lot of in-fighting between various ‘ship factions’ and such amongst the fandom, which despite the fact I don’t approve, I have no control over. However I have seen some try to bring these fights to the cast and crew of the show, and it has never gone down well. I would just like you all to step back for a moment and think about where you are. This is just a show. Yes you care deeply about these ships and characters, and there are valid issues and worries that should be addressed, but petty fighting and attacking will do us no good. Especially not when it gets to the point that a cast member feels alienated and as if part of a witch hunt to the point that they seclude themselves from the fan base.

If feel it is as a good time as any to remind all you that the cast and crew are PEOPLE and despite how much you might think it, they do not owe us anything. As much as you might think you are owed the ships you seek for whatever reason, the decision lays purely in the hands of the crew and we must respect their choices and decisions, regardless of our view on them. Your ships may happen, they may not. Either way it is no one’s “fault” as it is not a problem. If the crew wish to interact with the fandom that is up to them, but this does not mean that we are guaranteed or owed any say in the show. We certainly aren’t entitled to starting a barrage of blaming and attacks on the crew. This does nothing and is not productive in any way. It’s time for a reality check.

If you don’t like the show, leave it.

If you have criticisms, express them respectfully.

If you are interacting with members of the show, remember that they are people.

A concerned RWBY fan.


Chapter 02:

- Prologue

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I suffered a small artist block but I’m freaking glad to see this done! For some reason I really love this house I drew and can’t wait to design more once I make pages with Lil Sansy and his skele-family in future! :> I know it looks like it’s “empty” inside but it was my intention to leave that way~

Jeez Gaster, pls dun eat him! He tastes as terrible as dust! D:


Just a fun diabetic starco cressieverse mini comic/short storyboard idea I had discussed with the amazing @gravityfying and @paneyneygirl mehehehe!

Star and Marco as new rulers of Mewni, they’d totally be the type of couple who’d never stop being a pair of sweet dorks around each other no matter where they are—and the discussion room is no exception. It’s usually lively and more fun talking with them, plus they always bring some of the king’s super awesome nachos to fight the boredom! And they always share a bowl of it together because they’re s u p e r s w e e t d o r k s a f o k a y


Caretaker AU - Character Color Palettes #2

These are the last color palettes I made but that didn’t fit in the previous post.
I tried to make all the characters that had more prominence, but maybe I have forgotten someone, sorry.

@caretaker-au belongs to @mintyfreshdoodles, @eruto and @nochocolate