as someone who did nothing but read until i was like 16 years old i can confidently say that a series of unfortunate events was the most formative piece of media i ever came into contact with….. those books literally made me who i am 

5sos preference: you hear him talk bad about you


luke: It was saturday, you were spending the day with your boyfriend luke and the boys. Like every saturday, the boys were sitting with luke in the salon, waiting for you to go back from the kitchen so they could start the movie. You were about to bring the popcorn when you heard Luke saying your name in his sentence “Guys, I have a fucking big problem with Y/N” he tried to mutter. “what’s wrong with her?” Michael asked him quite confused. “You never noticed?” You saw the tree boys shaking their head to say no. “She’s talking so fast. I can’t understand what she’s saying! She can’t articulate. I’m always trying to figure out what she’s trying to tell me.” You were really mad at Luke. You went back to the salon, slammed the bowl of popcorn on the table. “Babe, why are you so angry?” Luke asked you. You smiled and did your best to talk slowly “I. Am. Leaving. The. House. For. Tonight. Luke. Goodbye.” you grabbed your coat, you bag and went to your mother’s house.

ashton: Ashton was downstairs with a friend, you didn’t know him. Ashton told you that it was a childhood friend, you trusted Ashton, you didn’t worry about the friend. You have just woken up from a nap, getting bored upstairs, you decide to join Ash and his friend. You were still in the stairs when Ashton started talking “I really like Y/N, she’s pretty but she sucks at music. She took guitar lessons, I listened to her once: trust me, it was awful. She tried my drums yesterday, I had to make her believe I wanted to go outside so she could stop”. You wanted to cry, you wanted to punch him. You ran upstairs and you took your guitar, with a few of Ashton’s drumsticks. You threw them downstairs, the guitar broke. Ashton ran down the stairs “Y/N? What the hell?” he asked you, confused. “Fuck you Ashton!” you yelled at him

calum: “She eats to much dude, it’s so weird! It looks like she’s eating for ten people!” you heard your boyfriend Calum talking to a friend. You were spending the day at the beach with your friends, like a meeting, a few years after high school. “Did you talk to her about it? Maybe she’ll stop Calum” his friend told him but Calum shock his head to say no “But man, have you seen her belly? I mean, she’s getting fatter right?” Of course, Calum didn’t know you were just right behind him, so he kept talking. “Trust me, I love her with all my heart, I’m just worried about her height” he was about to add something when you cut him “Well, you shouldn’t Calum”. He turned around with a terrified face “Shit, Y/N. You heard?” he asked you but you laugh, with tears in your eyes “Yes I heard Calum. And now you’re going to listen to me carefully. I eat for ten? You’re wrong, I eat for two actually. I’m gettinf fater? Yeah you should tell the baby to stay small” you almot yelled at him. He looked at you with a confused face “Y/N …. Do you mean that.. You’re pregnant” he asked you, getting closer to you “Yes I am you dick! Now fucking leave me alone for the rest of the day. Not in the mood to hear from you”

michael: You were watching your boyfriend Michael playing video games with his bandmates. You weren’t really into video games, you thought it was kinda boring. Personally, you thought you were too ‘mature’ for them. You told the boys you’ll be right back, that you were just going to pick you favorite book. A few minutes later, you were coming back to the salon when you heard Michael talking about you “I don’t know, man. Y/N isn’t like me. I mean, she’s pretty okay, but she’s not funny. She’s too much mature, always reading books or studying. She never want to play with me. Sometimes, she makes me feel like I’m stupid. I hate that so much” You were so hurt by him, you threw your book on the ground and ran upstairs, where you spend the rest of the day crying.