bumbledribs  asked:

heyo! i really love your gemsonas, and i have a question. how did you create outfits for them? do you go towards practical use then style, or the other way around? thanks and have a nice day!!

Actually I try to incorporate what their gem symbolizes + which diamond they would rule under into how I design their clothing!

For  my aqua, since aquamarines symbolize courage, fluidity of the mind and soul, and water, and he served directly under bd while in homeworld, I tried to make his homeworld outfit something flowy and open (hence why so much of his bare skin shows but his outfit still includes a cape/shoulder drape), but complex enough to show he was of higher status than say a jasper or a ruby (who have fairly simple outfits), as well as falling under the bd court aesthetic (eyes covered, long swooshy hair, bare feet, poofy/flowy clothing). And for current aqua since he no longer serves under bd and is more dauntless his outfit focuses more on practicality (vs class and creativity) while still having that water-like/swimsuit look.

Same applies for moonstone, I looked up the stone symbolism and picked her diamond (and social class) and used that to design her outfit. Moonstone is for fertility and hope so I not only filed her as a gem incubation caretaker but also tried to make her outfit elegant and very motherly in a hera aesthetic sort of way (making her more curved like rose and garnet, the soft color tones, sheer skirt for the goddess look, etc) as well as adding bd court aesthetics (barefoot, flowy clothing, eye(s) covered by hair).