YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING, THANK YOU!  (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚100 is pretty small, but I’m proud and wanted to do something special for everyone who’s supported me so far here :’)


1st: Fully colored drawing with two characters (examples: x | x | x)

2nd: Sketch w/ B&W tones or minimal washes of color with two characters (examples: x | x )

3rd: Sketch w/ B&W tones or minimal washes of color, one character (examples: x | x | x )

All winners will have the choice of full/half body, portrait, etc and it doesn’t have to be YoI! I’ll draw your OC’s, I’ll draw for another fandom, whatever you’d like. I won’t draw: furries (hybrids ok, but I don’t yet have the skill set), mpreg, noncon,  or hardcore violence and sex. NSFW can be negotiated if you are willing to prove to me your age.


1. You must be following me, of course, and new followers will qualify, too!

2. Reblog this post. Only one reblog will be counted–I will put everyone’s URL into a jar once and draw randomly. 

(Feel free to reblog more than once, though, to help boost the giveaway ;D that would be appreciated!)

Winners will be picked on Sunday, August 6th, 5pm central! Good luck! :D