So, this reminds me so much of the good angel/bad angel analogy. Doubt, dishonesty, and secrets to the right…goodness, truth and belief to the left. both Miss Wensceslaus and Mycroft have the same body language. They are in denial of what’s about to happen, while John does the same sort of backing Sherlock up, and bracing himself. So, perhaps Sherlock has been give another puzzle to solve and is on a countdown. I never saw Miss W and Mycroft as a mirror but it makes sense. She also got in way too deep, because she didn’t understand the real danger of Moriarty’s web and people died. It WAS a great game, while it lasted..but not anymore.

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THE C o m m e l i n a  PROJECT 

—- also known as the “asian dayflower”. It gets its name because its bloom only lasts for one day. While it is called a flower, it becomes a noxious weed once it’s not taken care of early. It is easier to take care of such ‘flowers’ when it’s population is still small.

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