wÅadysÅaw gomuÅka

its kinda funny…

as a zutara shipper, im actually kindof glad that zutara wasnt canon. I know it should have been. Obviously it should have been. But, let’s face it - the creators aren’t always great at writing romance. I kindof think that if it had been canon, they could have turned it into just as much of a mess as ka//taa..ng is now. They could have made katara a trophy fire lady who doesn’t fight or do much of anything just as easily as they made her a trophy avatar’s wife. They could have made zuko a neglectful father because he “didn’t want to turn out like Ozai” just as easily as they made aang a neglectful dad for his culture. They could have made zutara just as horrible. And that would have been real. that would have been canon. We wouldnt have wanted or needed our own content as badly if we had canon, no matter how shitty it was. So for that, I’m kindof grateful that it wasnt canon. Because it pushed all of us to create something better. I have read so many beautiful stories, seen countless beautiful artworks and metas and edits and fanvids. And part of that is because bryke hated us so much. We had to fix the story. We gave it a million perfect beginnings, and a billion perfect endings. because we had to. we had to do it the right way. zutara is the right way, but the way they would have done zutara would have been wrong nonetheless.

So thank you Bryke, for all your salt. It only made us stronger in the end.