w trouble


The Losers™ As “Deep Thoughts”

Stan: what is heavier? 200 pounds of bricks or 200 pounds of feathers? The answer is feathers because 200 pounds of bricks is just a bunch of bricks, but if you try to carry 200 pounds of feathers, you also have to carry the weights of what you did to those poor birds.

Ben: Books are just dead tattooed trees

Richie: we all masturbate in the same language; loneliness

Bill: “Read” and “Lead” rhyme and “read” and “lead” rhyme but “read” and “lead” don’t rhyme and neither does “read” and “lead”

Mike: what if Mike is just really short for Micycle

Beverly: Maybe the reason fewer women are convicted of murder than men is because we know how to get blood stains out of everything

Eddie: “probiotic” sounds a lot better than “bacteria infested”

Ren speaking English trying to get people to buy things on “Looking for trouble”!!

I’M SO SHOOK THIS IS FIRST TIME PROPERLY HEARING HIS ENGLISH, his pronunciation is so much better?? did he force Aron to give him one on one lessons before he went to Belgium LMAO


“Do you know aegyo?”