w trouble

tfw you wanna talk about stuff you love but you’re afraid of coming off as dumb and stupid because you don’t know how to express your thoughts and feelings so you just bottle everything up and you feel like you wanna explode 24/7 lol

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while they were both leaders Tallstar would make frequent stops to Firestar and help w any leadership troubles :')

absolutely!! he didnt wanna be weird or anything or make firestar uncomfy, but he’d help out and give him advice n stuff, just try to be there for him and be a good source of guidance

firestar appreciated it a lot, he liked that such a respected cat was so nice 2 him


im depressed my soul left all my crops rotted the sun will never rise ever again I’ll never see his smile and cute sense of humor ever again MANAGER BANG DIDNT DESERVE THIS HE WAS JUST TRYING TO BRING JUSTICE UGGH I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AFTER THIS he was my cute loyal hardworking lil bean why they do him like this I’m so upset he won’t be forgotten :(((

Gender Positivity Blogs

relationships/sexuality/romantic orientation







@genderqueer-adventures (also has a lot of good general nb positivity)



cute nb & trans ppl!!!


feel free to add on to this list!