w saki

Saki Nikiforova // 17 // 1,64 m // Demisexual // Daughter of Victor Nikiforov & Yuuri Katsuki

Igor Nikiforov - Saki Nikiforova - Arina Plisetskaya - Aiden Plisetsky - Eva Babicheva - Daniel de la Iglesia - Yue Far de la Iglesia - Nina Popovich - Niran Chulanont - Seline Giacometti - Noemi Giacometti - Ethan Leroy - Luca Crispino - Haru Kenjirou - Seo-Hyeon Lee - Ji-Hu Lee

Moodboard for @gittana‘s Yuri on Ice Lovechild AU


℃-ute to disband June 2017 on their 12th anniversary.

“℃-ute started in Hello! Project and grew up.
℃-ute is part of Hello! Project.
If there had not been Hello! Project, we would not have come this far. We wanted ℃-ute to stay the ℃-ute of Hello! Project.

There had been good times, bad times, and because there had always been all the fans supporting us, from our debut with the members we arrived this far 12 years later. Our feeling of gratitude will really never end.”

℃-ute (2005 - 2017)


Here we can see Nacky cleaning up during a photoshoot for “W Saki.” Nacky is helping the staff sweep up pedals that they had just used. She doesn’t have to help, as she’s the model for the photobook… but she does anyway. You know why? Because she’s Nakajima Saki!