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Previews for;

  1. “W”onderful Tactics! - Kyosuke Aoi
  2. Ifuudoudou to - Genbu Kurono
  3. RULE ~Kiba o Haku o te yo~ - Ren Kizaki
  4. Hop・Step・Hai Sheep! - Nao Okamura
  5. Sweep Your Gloom - Amehiko Kuzunoha

im seeing d/c fans responding to all these “boycott w/onder woman bc gal g/adot is a zionist” posts with “boycott m/arvel bc their ceo is a zionist too” and sis… all superhero movies are trash and obviously none of yall actually care about palestine anyways and are just using the support of genocide as mere ‘receipts’ for your fandom wars.. enough!

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you've heard of Almost Every Other Ship now get ready for: shirogane takashi/matt holt,, , pl ease i cant be the only one aight

oh my mcfreaking god ur right

  • They literally spent months in a (probably) small spaceship while on their way to Kerberos. They had to have been friends.
  • Shiro instantly recognized Pidge the moment they mention Matt/their dad. Why? Because Matt told Shiro all about his family. Maybe because, lol idk, MATT WANTED SHIRO TO MEET THEM.
  • Mr. Holt and Matt probably squealed about the science they were going to do every day and Shiro thought an excited Matt was so cute.
  • Shiro is almost as deadset as Pidge on rescuing Matt/Mr. Holt? Hm I w onder wh y….
  • Can you imagine Shiro flying the ship and Matt sitting in the co-pilot’s seat (Mr. Holt is busy doing science) and just talking for hours… Looking at new stars together… Naming constellations together… Shiro points out one cluster and is like “Lol those look like your freckles” and Matt’s like “I  gotta g o”
  • They both restrained themselves to only light/mild flirting bc Matt’s dad was literally three feet away at all times what a moodkiller. 
  • They never got the chance to start something before everything went to hell :’(
  • The scene in the gladiator has 1000000x more meaning like! Shiro willingly hurt Matt just to save him. Shiro deliberately took Matt’s place, a position that no one had ever survived against the current Champion. Shiro was willing to die to buy Matt more time and a better chance to find his dad??
  • Kill me, thanks

The album art for the「 THE IDOLM@STER SideM ORIGIN@L PIECES 05 」 album has been released! This album will contain solo songs for Kyousuke Aoi, Genbu Kurono, Ren Kizaki, Nao Okamura and Amehiko Kuzunoha. This album will be up for sale on the 28th of June 2017!

The album’s crossfade will be posted once it is released


Tr.01 "W”onderful Tactics!
Yohei Matsui  Music&Arrange:Kazunori Watanabe
 Singer(s):Kyousuke Aoi ( CV: Yoshitaka Yamaya )
Tr.02 With An Imposing Air
 Lyrics: Aira Yuhki  Music&Arrange:Muteki DEAD SNAKE 
 Singer(s):Genbu Kurono ( CV: Toshinari Fukamachi )
Tr.03 RULE ~Piercing Fangs~
 Lyrics: Aira Yuhki  Music&Arrange:Masashi Kusano
 Singer(s): Ren Kizaki ( CV: Shouhei Komatsu )
Tr.04 Hop・Step・Hi , Sheep!
 Lyrics: Erika Masaki  Music&Arrange:Yuusuke Kuwabara 
 Singer(s): Nao Okamura ( CV: Shougo Yano )
Tr.05 Sweep Your Gloom
 Lyrics: Yohei Matsui  Music: Ono Takamitsu Arrange:Chihiro Tamaki
 Singer(s): Amehiko Kuzunoha ( CV: Jun Kasama )

nerddanvers replied to your post: i’m sorry y’all i’m going to change my url again…

what does it mean i just google it and a bunch of horses turned it out

yes i’m turning into a horse blog because i’m trying to get in touch with my roots again and there is this thing called hungarian riding culture <3

…no actually it’s supposed to be dianas but i changed the d for the w(onder woman) cuz who needs the d when you have wonder woman amirite this was horrible i’ll just go home

in general i think the DC animated movies are pretty bad but the 2009 w/onder woman is atrocious…. 90% of steve’s dialogue is making passes at diana “god your daughter has a nice rack” and when she’s like “men are evil and corrupt” he gets mad and he’s like NOT EVERYTHING A MAN DOES IS TO FURTHER A MISOGYNISTIC AGENDA!!! like that’s great but he literally refers to her as “the hot chick”

All… all of you know w.onder w.oman was world war one right? Like chemical warfare was outlawed BECAUSE of WWI that’s what the Geneva convention was about at the time. Mustard gas and the like. Also the invention of modern guns/warfare, ect means trenches were no longer a thing after WWI. Like the German’s were not Nazi’s in that war, they were just the country that poured the most resources and men into the war (see: all quiet on the western front) and that basically bankrupted the nation and created a lot of the issues leading into WWII