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Genre: Fluff / Humor (??) / Romance / Very slight smut 

Word Count: 5,065

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Request: Can you do a fic of having Jungkook (my bias oh muh gosh) as your neighbor and you having to stay at his house while your parents are away??

“We’ll be gone for awhile and I think it would be best if you stayed with Jungkook while we’re gone! You guys are the same age, he’s only a couple months older. I think it would be really nice.”

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A/n: This is really long omg w o w. I hope this is what you wanted ^-^. Thank you for the request ❗️😊♥️ I’ve actually always wanted to make a fic like this lol. jungkook feels are too real. I did sort of a new style of writing (?) kind of, idk, you guys can tell me if you like it. sorry about the ending lol. sorry not sorry for thAT SINFUL GIF.  

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girl next door (m)

member: kim yugyeom

genre: pure smut (requested)

a/n: team #hotforyugyeom - longest smut I’ve ever written and proud

Originally posted by sravenreyes

You were neighbors with a guy from the university’s baseball team, him being the same age as you and taking a few similar courses.

You’ve always had the hots for him, but little did you know he had fantasies of his own.

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anonymous asked:

yo, do u still do headcanons? (if not you can just ignore this ask…) i wanna request and RFA reaction to an MC with a personality a lot like the member they most hates (…i hope this makes sense) also, sorry for bothering ^^'

heyo!! not bothering at all??? also i LOVE this request a lot it’s good okay an interesting exercise too!!

also Disclaimer: i’m interpreting “hate” as more of “the person that the character gets along the least with” bc…… does Seven rly hate anyone?? before the end of his route anyway?

also literally impossible to hate yoosung??? didn’t get to write an MC that’s like him lololol


-personality like: Jumin!!
-Zen Does Not Realize that MC is so similar to Jumin for a Long Time
-like it’s not until MC and Jumin are in the same room for the first time that he’s like
-oh my god r u kidding me
-two emotionless robots that are obsessed with their pets and he’s in love with one of them??
-w h y
-mmmmm not that Zen rly thinks MC is an emotionless robot, but the similarities are too much for him to Not take notice? the thought is p unbidden
-if asked Zen would describe MC as stoic, honest to a fault, someone who loves animals, and a bit of a workaholic
-he insists they’re nOTHING like that trust fund jerk haha


-personality like: V!!
-it…….. never actually occurs to him that MC is like V?
-they’re a total sweetie, always concerned about their friends, and doing things to make them happy and feel safe
-and maybe they have some secrets but like…. everyone does? he insists
-MC is probably a lil too indulgent with Yoosung lol
-but they just want him to be happy
-and theyd go to extreme lengths to ensure his happiness
-this is starting to sound like a character role switch-up au oops


-personality like: Seven!!
-a fuckin….. meme-and-depression disaster
-just @ me next time g O D
-nah but like, Jaehee finds MC p fun but also like………. pls chill..;;;;;;
-it hits Jaehee pretty early on that MC and Seven are similar
-evidence: they can’t stop meme-ing in the chat when they’re together
-MC and Seven can team up and be an absolute Menace
-the thing is tho that when Jaehee asks them to stop MC does ‘cause boy oh boy that crush on Jaehee is very Heart Eyes Motherfucker!!!
-also their depressive episodes rly worry her aaaaaaa


-personality like: Zen!!
-likes that MC is so confident about themself? but also wow
-w o w someone that can rival Zen with their narcissism
-also omg he gets so flustered with MC bc they’re such an intense romantic holy shit
-they recite literal poetic overtures to him about how much they love him he is in deep with MC
-he’d never thought he’d be swept off his feet but this person wowowowowow
-aaaaaaa and they’re so gentle with him?? a lil flirty but so patient!!
-and they’re so so incredibly honest and sincere all the time it’s such a relief


-personality like: Jaehee!!
-at first he thinks MC is kind of a stick in the mud
-but once he gets them to talk about that thing they like/obsess over his heart is skipping beats so often oh god
-they’re so cute!!!
-MC might be serious a lot of the time and easily worried and stressed and maybe a lil intense but hooo boy
-they know what they want and can organize everything in such a way that they can get it
-and they know how to have fun even if maybe they don’t always have the time to sufficiently express that

CHERRYCERRY BBY, Mora which should be blackberry in Spanish hh

He is a cyoot child- But also a lil devil BC WHY NOT. He’s also easy to anger and stuff like that (as you can see on the ref ppf) And he is usually awakre that he is getting mad so he tries to calm down so he doesn’t get suuuper mad. He also gets hurt a lot bc he’s a rlly active kid, also gets into some fights too- He starts them- And maan he doesn’t care for puns, if you over do it on the pun telling he’d try to smash a chair over your head.

His abilities are kinda like his parents, the usual, the blasters (his are tinyyy for now, or get bigger depending on how mad/serious he is), bones, uuH YEEH. He can, indeed, nyoom. (i’d like to think any kid of blue’s is just a hyper mess). ThO if he forgets to tuck in his shoelaces before he does he’ll trip and fall and it’ll be rlly saD.

Also yes, somehow his eyelights can change shape, I haven’t decided hooww yetttt

I can’t think of anything else rn but if I do i’ll try to add it onto here