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crush him.png oikawa needs to be careful about what he puts on snap

this was inspired by a conversation i had with @notallballs abt kageyama’s killer thighs. 


This week has been amazing! Look at them! Just wow… W O W !
But you know what would make this week even better? Like a million times better….? I’m looking at you Julie Andem, please put us out of our misery and do something! I’m poking you with a stick and it’s about to break 😭

Thinking back on the episode and—that moment when the Alpha Vamp, cool as you please, stares down the barrel of the Colt and very convincingly tells Sam that it won’t kill him. And then Sam’s just like  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ if that were true, I’d already be dead. There wasn’t even any action in that scene, just two dudes (both centuries old haha ouch) holding their own against the threat of death, but the badass level on both sides of that exchange was just off the charts. Wow. W o w.



So I ditched the pencil for a few days and learned the following:

  1. Using just a finger is hard
  2. Free-handing is hard
  3. Unless it’s Jotaro

you know what makes me mad

when i make gifs and i see that every frame

every single one





ngl listening to this 600 year old recorded transmission in me:a was one of the most emotionally painful moments like… w o w … 

Werewolf!Jin Part Two

So someone requested werewolf!Jin falling in love with a human and I thought it sounded really cute so without further ado, here is our lovely, ever so talented sweetheart, Kim Seokjin aka Jin aka can we take a minute to talk about his hands bc I am a huge hand girl I love hands and his are just so wow like they’re unique and adorable and they’re beautiful can I just say that like they’re w o w wow the fingers are all long and nice and they look warm and he just seems like he’d be great at hand holding I love Jin and his hands

  • Part one is here, werewolf!Jin as a father is here
  • Falling in love with humans isn’t exactly forbidden but it also isn’t encouraged
  • It can be kinda tricky tbh
  • There have been countless times where the human finds out their lover is a werewolf and then breaks up with them
  • Werewolves fall d e e p so when their partner leaves, it’s crushing it just absolutely breaks their hearts
  • That’s actually the main reason they avoid dating humans bc there’s always a huge risk of them being rejected
  • There’s not really that risk when it comes to dating fellow werewolves so a lot of them just try to find their loves within their packs or packs that are close by
  • When werewolves do love someone though, that someone becomes their everything, human or not
  • Jin is the first of the boys to find his love
  • It starts off super casual, he has no intentions of falling in love
  • You two start off as friends who happen to be in the same class and have the mutual friend of Namjoon
  • The three of you hang out together a lot, whether it’s studying or getting something to eat or just chilling out together
  • But you start developing a crush on Jin bc he’s Jin
  • He’s lovely and a total sweetheart how do you not have a crush on him when he’s being all cute 25/8
  • Like this one time, all three of you are hanging out and it starts raining
  • Namjoon has a class to get to so he can’t drive you home (he’d been your ride to the café)
  • Jin, without a single bit of hesitation, gives you his jacket and is like I’ll give you a ride no problem
  • The entire car ride he’s making sure you’re all comfy like is the heater high enough do you like this song do you want to stop for food on the way
  • And despite the both of you being a bit drenched from having to run to his car in the rain, it’s actually a shit ton of fun
  • He makes you laugh and smile the entire time and it’s never awkward like he doesn’t push for conversation but he also doesn’t allow awkward silences and he balances it really well
  • At one point, he starts singing along to the radio and his voice is all soft and he’s giggling through most of it
  • And his laughter is so infectious so you have to laugh too and eventually you start singing along with him
  • You can feel your heart doing the thing and it’s just like here we go
  • It takes a while for either of you to make a move
  • Like the both of you spend months giving each other secret love filled looks and staring at each other’s hands while really just wanting to reach over and grab it
  • One day he takes your hand without realizing it bc werewolves tend to just rely on their instincts and his told him to hold your hand so that’s what he did
  • It all kinda just goes from there it’s really natural and simple and no one worries too much about it
  • It’s just a hey I like you, you like me, why not do something with that???
  • There is one thing he’s worrying about though
  • You’re human and he’s not and he’s really !!!! over how he’s gonna tell you
  • Here’s the thing, Jin is a really honest person like I don’t see Jin as someone who would lie about things like that
  • The second he realizes he’s in love with you, he starts thinking of ways he can tell you
  • Should he be upfront and just say it, get it over with?? Should he try to ease you into it?? Should he get Namjoon to help him??
  • In the end he decides it’s best to just be honest bc that’s what the both of you have always wanted from each other
  • He explains the entire situation to you, answers all of the questions you have
  • He’s completely honest with you and tells you all the good things about being a werewolf and all of the bad things
  • He’s like holding his breath bc he’s trying to figure out what your reaction is
  • You haven’t left yet so that’s a good sign but you also haven’t given much of a reaction like he’s just really curious as to what’s on your mind
  • He loved you with all of his lil heart and the thought of you leaving him over this was just no mm mm
  • You’re kinda ??? when he asks if you’re gonna leave bc that thought never even came to mind
  • “Why would I leave?? It’s a part of who you are it’s not like you can help the way you were born I still love you”
  • He honestly almost starts crying bc he’d grown up with stories of humans rejecting werewolves after finding out the truth and now you were staying and his lil heart is so so happy
  • He gets this huge smile on his face and he just hugs you really really tight
  • “Thank you”  

Before I start this, I completely forgot to mention this in yesterday’s post but thank you all s o fucking much for 3,400 followers, I can’t thank you enough it means so so so much to me and I appreciate every single one of you, whether you just read the post or you like it or reblog it or even message me, I still appreciate it so much and I’m so grateful!!! Onto the post, last but certainly not least is our darling maknae, the second half of the Busan line, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • Visuals are up first as usual
  • Okay so my personal favorite hair on Jungkook is his dark blonde hair he had for 0.2 seconds (I still want it to have a comeback I’m ready) bc it was s u c h a good look it still fucks me up to this day
  • That’s gonna be his look for this post
  • He does have all of the other hair colors at some point or another, he goes pink for a while, he’s got the red, he does black hair he’s got a good mix going on
  • We all know that boy is muscled up as fuck we’ve seen glimpses, he himself has shown a quick lil look at the abs and his arms are all toned and ni CE so just combine all of that with a tail and permanently wet hair and you’ve got mermaid!kook
  • The collarbones though they’re doing the thing and his shoulders are wow and it’s just all w o w
  • His tail would be stunning
  • His tail would be red but it wouldn’t be red in the same way Jimin’s was
  • Jimin’s tail is all light colors, oranges, yellows, red, gold all really warm colors
  • But Jungkook’s red is a really dark red and there are a few different shades in it but they don’t get too bright
  • There are a few scales that are actually black and there’s some silver here and there and it’s actually really pretty
  • Whenever I think of Jungkook, I personally think of the color red bc one of the things red symbolizes to me is passion and Jungkook is a really passionate person so I just really think he’d have a red tail but not like the usual red, it’s his own lil twist and it’s just really nice
  • He’s de f in itely curious about the humans, he spends hours every day, peeking out behind a rock and just trying to figure them out bc he’s only ever seen mermaids and he heard about humans once or twice but he wasn’t used to seeing so many in one place for no apparent reason
  • Was there an event, what’s the weird thing they’re eating out a cone, what’s the language they’re speaking
  • It takes him a few years but he slowly starts understanding them, he gets the idea that there’s no reason they come to the beach besides that they enjoy it and wanna spend time there, some people even take their dates to the beach bc they love it so much
  • He also starts picking up on their music
  • So many people play music during the day and even more at night and he just loves to find a shallow spot to rest on, close his eyes and listen bc it’s all so different
  • Some people play really upbeat songs that make him want to dance around with the dolphins, some play slower songs that make him feel the heartbreak the artist is describing, some play songs with heavy lyrics that leave him thinking about everything ever and other play songs with lyrics that are lighter and make him just feel happy
  • You two actually meet through music
  • You’re sitting on the dock at everyone leaves, you have your music playing and you’re just relaxing and enjoying the breeze
  • You keep hearing the water moving but you assume it’s just the waves but oh it’s actually Jungkook trying to get comfortable without getting caught
  • But he ends up falling asleep bc the music is really soothing so he starts drifting out from underneath the dock and you just see this half human half fish dude floating around 
  • You scream bc it scared you which wakes him up and then he screams bc you screamed and he’s just rushing to get back under the dock and may or may not end up bumping into one of the poles
  • You kinda have to laugh bc he gets so flustered and so !!!!! and it takes you a few minutes to get him to come back out
  • You ask him about the whole tail thing and he tells you about his kingdom under the sea, how his father is the king, which explains the lil circlet crown on his head
  • He asks you some questions about humans that he had never figured out, why are there so many toes, can you wiggle each one individually, if no then why not
  • You two end up talking for a wh i l e and it’s just all about him explaining his world and you explaining yours and he ends up sitting on the dock next to you and the music is turned back on and it’s just really nice
  • “Hey so maybe tomorrow we can meet here again? I’ll show you some more songs”
  • “I would love that”
TOS, aka OG Star Trek: The Experience

Well friends, I have watched a bunch of old Star Trek episodes. And ohhhh, I’m in this now, I’m in this DEEP.

Which ones did I end up watching? I will tell you! After so many fantastic and thoughtful suggestions, I put together all the eps recommended to me by multiple people (8 in number, bless a hivemind), arranged in an order that seemed to run from “this is a good introduction, and will help you properly appreciate” >> “BELOVED SPACE INANITY.” It was an amazing adventure and so then I watched most of the single-recs too.

Turns out there was Wisdom In the Group, and the first wave was also the first wave ~in my heart~, with the exception of a couple SOLID GOLD HITS from phase two. Which is honestly convenient as hell, as now we can round this out to ten.


1x11 ‘The Corbomite Maneuver’
- ahhh beware that screensaver! aw hell I’m already so into this
- good GOD do I love hokey ‘60s kitsch, I have made a good decision
- it was like Dr. McCoy was already my favorite, that is how this feels
- I’m really enjoying how much of this show seems to be just people looking intently at lights while considering what a pickle they are in

1x15 ‘Balance of Terror’
- Pickles In Space continues!
- is the navigation seat next to Sulu like the Defense Against the Dark Arts position on the Enterprise
- also how much of Sulu’s time does he spend slyly grinning at the foibles of whoever is next to him, and can I advocate for more of it please
- I have a lot of questions about uniforms, cuts of uniforms, and who gets to wear what color, but also kinda expect this knowledge to just osmosize into my mind over time
- the metallic gold rickrack on the cuffs is really excellent though

2x04 ‘Mirror Mirror’
- three eps in and ACTUALLY, rather surprised that Kirk/Spock was the thing! it seems just as likely that it could have been Kirk/McCoy, e.g. when Bones literally brushed blood off Jim’s lip with his thumb, and I said “??!!”
- UHURAAA!! finally. nice to properly meet you, girl.
- randomly Scottish engineer is a delightful decision, Scotty u rock
- update from Wikipedia: “Doohan tried a variety of accents for the part and decided to use a Scottish accent on the basis that he thought Scottish people make the best engineers.” oh my god. that is such a specific opinion, I am so charmed?
- wait Spock can connect to someone’s mind?? get oOOUUTT
- I love Captain Clever-Charm but good god he’s gonna give me a heart attack. STOP HEROIZING AND GET IN THE DAMN TRANSPORTER, SON.
- Spock is gloriously sarcastic for someone with ~no emotions~

2x01 ‘Amok Time’
- or he’ll DIE??? WHAT!! whaaaaaaat
- I feel like no one directly told me that Vulcans are just walking plot devices, and this is beautiful 2 me. the mind melding, the mating, WHAT’S NEXT
- bloodlust/actual-lust!Spock just cut Kirk a boob window in his puce shirt, and never in my wildest dreams could I have dreamt this up. but here it is, happening, in real life.
- oh yes oh yes,  s u b t e r f u g e
- ok yes I get the Kirk/Spock now, that “Jim!” was deeply Extra

1x26 ‘The Devil in the Dark’
- it has just hit me that I had unthinkingly decided this McCoy’s first name was also Hank. Dear Me: pull yourself together
- update from Wikipedia: it’s Leonard
- Spock’s space-purse gives me life. oh wait it’s like…a tiny TV with a strap. EVEN BETTER.
- I love a show where the music goes Very Dire at the idea of enacting “a crime against science
- “He’s a healer; let him heal” is the synopsis of my Bones fanfic
- BONES CAN CURE A RAINY DAY. this is the title of my second Bones fanfic.
- is it just me or do half of these shots have a vignette filter on them? it makes this whole show feel like, lovingly Instagrammed

1x23 ‘Space Seed’
- I love this one already. Kirk being roguishly superior, Spock delivering world-building exposition, abandoned ship floating in space like an episode of Firefly or something (which I realize was actually an episode of…Star Trek)
- new career goal: on-board Earth historian on a starship
- oh sure Spocksy, you’re “not capable” of irritation. suuure.
- BONES! dryly giving Khan advice on how to kill you most effectively! you brave grumppus, I love you
- “a group of Alexander’s, Napoleon’s…” pls tell me this ship was like, the suspended animation version of Clone High
- wow Khan is SUCH A DICK
- “Illogical.” / “Totally.” lol
- yeessss girls gotta stick together
- I totally get why they came back to this dictatorial überdude

1x05 ‘The Naked Time’
- all planets should be ice planets imo
- actually why did people rag on Prometheus so much, when space scientists taking off their protective garb is CLEARLY traditional
- Sulu’s interests include: botany, fencing, being flawless
- “Sulu, who is at heart a swashbuckler out of your 18th century” bless this episode
- “I’ll protect you, fair maiden!” / “Sorry, neither!” UHURAAAA
- so deep down Spock is… so tender and sad?? marvelous, keep going
- a relaysh I do love a lot is Ship Captain Maybe Wants To Sleep With Own Ship, If That Were Possible
- I’m laughing so hard it’s like, maybe I too have gone space-drunk?? ?
- AND they went back in time, WHAT AN EPISODE

2x15 ‘The Trouble With Tribbles’
- wow everyone is sooooo snarky today! two thumbs up
- Uhura and Chekov cooing over this furball is one of the cutest things I have ever seen
- I thought the universal love was just because of the Tribbles, but this whole episode is truly SO FUN. the pacing, the reveals, the quips
- this bartender’s Piling Up Tribbles physical comedy game is SPOT. ON.
- oh my god Scotty’s so gentle
- wow do I love it when they RUMBLE. their fight choreography is the dorkiest shit I have ever seen, it’s a fucking art form.
- I cannot stop cackling. Captain Kirk is just standing nips deep in a pile of Tribbles, DISGRUNTLED UNENDINGLY.

1x29 ‘The City on the Edge of Forever’
- oh no, Booooones!
- Masters of Nonchalance, these two
- it pleases me how easy it is to bait Spock, just by suggesting that he’s not an absurd genius-pants who can build a device that reads the future from nothing but Depression-era radio scraps and gumption
- what the hell, who is this 1930s sci-fi utopia girl!
- SPOCK BELONGS AT KIRK’S SIDE, wow, wow @ this episode, W O W
- McCoy just felt up a hobo, then collapsed to the ground weeping about how doctors used to cut and sew people like garments
- whoa that IS a fascinating moral dilemma….
- well we’ve hit the point where I now desperately wish to pose in one place and be beamed up somewhere

1x06 ‘The Enemy Within’
- every episode of television should open with George Takei holding a small dog in a fluffy space unicorn costume, with antennae
- best evil doppelgänger reveal I have ever seen? the eyeliner is a gr8 touch
- now Scotty is holding “the animal”
- William Shatner is having the time of his cheesy life, and SO AM I
- now he gets to hold the animal
- now Spock is telling him he’s the captain so he doesn’t have the luxury of being vulnerable, holy—
- now Spock is holding the animal, and I think I’ve zenithed out, this is unable to be topped
- Sulu is so good-humored! oh darling. remember earlier when you were just holding a horned spacedog and not freezing :(
- but ice planets are still the best I’m sorry