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Botched science experiment where reader is freaking out but Peter thinks they're adorable when they're flustered?


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  • ok so
  • since i suck at chemistry this can be a robotics club thing yet again except this time the reader is at midtown w/ peter
  • so u and peter have teamed up for the robotics club challenge and ur working on building and programming ur own robot
  • so peter disappears for oNE MINUTe to go to the bathroom
  • and he comes back and ur just standing in the middle of his room with a broken piece of robot
  • well, you only just started building it but w/e
  • but wow peter is gone for a second and yoU SCREWED UP ALREADY
  • and u just look so sheepish and ur face is all red
  • like “oops?”
  • and peter’s, being a fuckin ANGEL, like don’t worry about it, we legit just started so let’s just rebuild
  • and the whole damn time ur apologizing and he’s like u don’t have to apologize omg
  • and then he blurts out, “you’re really cute when you’re flustered.”
  • and the moment he realizes he said he turns BRIGHT RED its fuckin hilarious
  • and the moment u see him blushing, u come to a realization
  • bc u might be as observant as a brick wall but hey, now everything’s crystal clear
  • right back at u, parker
  • there’s a moment of silence and u both r just staring at each other and the broken piece of robot has now dropped to the ground  
  • and ur leaning forward and he’s leaning forward
  • and u both jump away from each other
  • blushing like twin tomatoes and fumbling for the pieces of robot that fell to the ground
  • the rest of the night is just stuttering and blushing whenever ur hands touched to grab a tool or rearrange the wires or whenever ur shoulders bumped as u fixed up the bot
  • but right before u leave u make the impulsive decision to kiss his cheek
  • his reaction is p r i c e l e s s  
  • aunt may’s just in the corner trying to hold in her laughter
  • and the moment u’ve dashed out the door , peter’s just leaning against it and wondering what the fuck is going on
  • Did?? They?? Really? Just?? Do?? That???
  • and it’s the only thing on both ur minds for the rest of the night

Along the midtown Greenway between Nicollet and Blaisdell Avenues. I was down here looking for some geocaches (which I found) and I spotted this charming guardian of the emergency alarm beacon.

N 44° 57.023 W 093° 16.767

The Minneapolis Midtown Greenway was built in 1879 as an east-west rail corridor south of downtown Minneapolis. Starting in the year 2000 the Greenway has now been converted to an almost-six-mile-long bicycle and walking trail from the Mississippi River to Lake Calhoun, and it connects to other trails in all directions. It is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. A portion of the right-of-way is being reserved for possible future use as a streetcar or light rail corridor, as well.