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On Rannoch, years after the end of the war, the reaper corpse is the halfway point of one of the most popular hikes on the reaper war memorial pilgrimage.

Visitors flock every year to it, to marvel at the sheer size of it, the idea that anyone, any thing could take on something this size and win seems ludicrous, like a children’s story. 

The hike takes you along the path that it’s beams carved into the earth and stone on the planet, still scorched and crumbling years afterwards. 

The hike culminates in one long, hard climb up to a ridge, where the marks of the beams carve hard long scars into the cliff face. Barely a square yard of the rock is untouched.

On the edge of the cliff, in the empty V formed by two beams to either side, stands a life-sized statue of Commander Shepard. It is dwarfed by the reaper corpse in the distance.

On the base of the statue, the inscription simply reads “In The Face Of Overwhelming Odds.”

  • Alec Ryder: Sara, this is Vetra. I've never felt more confident in introducing one of my kids to an alien. Sara's great, V. Swear it. Got an A+ in socializing. Super mature. Probably has a future in interspecies relations. Much better than Scott.
  • Sara, in tears, crying with Scott over attractive aliens: wHy IS SHE SO beautiful? You're sO BEAUtiful. I think I l-
  • Alec: why are my children like this

i’m just.. ok, you hate everything about andromeda, that’s fine. You do you. Can we just.. let people be happy about it tho? I really, really loved it, and idk if that’s just me being positive or what, but i’m getting real tired of people telling me i’m wrong and stupid for liking it like??? get away from me


@dontknowcats and I’s OCs have twins, one of which was already named Sara

so instead of drawing Sara I drew their twinsy Nal as Ryder.
she’s big, she’s beefy like her dad, and she’s a super Deluxe gay