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Are Nikki and Sam dating 😂 where you been at anon? they've been together almost 2 years. They don't even have different rooms, they sleep in the same bed at the sky blue house and haven't done a good job of hiding that too well. When one post a selfie in the bed with the dog and another post an instastory of being left a card with a balloon on the same bed for when they arrived home. Nikki also has played 2 seasons in the w league in Australia with Sam. They're together almost yr round

Does anyone have a master post to get me up to speed

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are sam and nikki dating or are they just close friends cause who else would yo to utah with?

They’ve been together for almost 2 years. Sam plays for SBFC during NWSL season and Nikki plays for Perth Glory (Sams home team) during W League season in Australia. No official confirmation but all signs lead to it. Nikki went to Rio, wore Sams jersey and traveled with Sam’s family and the rest of the auswnt family members.

To see more please search them on my blog for pictures and all 😂😂😂

@cmoscato4: Meet Dory, Barbara and Spot. I now get all the idioms and puns surrounding horseback riding. Use imagination.

@ellireed: Did @winters11 get the prize for best groomer/braider??

@emmakete: You look good on a horse babe 😙

@ ezurrer: #idiom

@akrieger11: Stop it.

@winters11: Haha @ellireed luckily Spot had been groomed the day before. Was tempted to give him a good braid tho