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Abby Dahlkemper for Adelaide United, 2015-2016 (on loan)

After her rookie season in the NWSL, Dahlkemper joined Adelaide United of the Westfield W-League in Australia, and was named Player of the Year and Players’ Player.

Dahlkemper instantly became a pivotal acquisition for the Lady Reds, playing every minute of the W-League season. The defender totaled five goals, ending the season with a four-game scoring streak including a two-goal performance on December 18, 2015.

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Are Nikki and Sam dating 😂 where you been at anon? they've been together almost 2 years. They don't even have different rooms, they sleep in the same bed at the sky blue house and haven't done a good job of hiding that too well. When one post a selfie in the bed with the dog and another post an instastory of being left a card with a balloon on the same bed for when they arrived home. Nikki also has played 2 seasons in the w league in Australia with Sam. They're together almost yr round

Does anyone have a master post to get me up to speed

@cmoscato4: Meet Dory, Barbara and Spot. I now get all the idioms and puns surrounding horseback riding. Use imagination.

@ellireed: Did @winters11 get the prize for best groomer/braider??

@emmakete: You look good on a horse babe 😙

@ ezurrer: #idiom

@akrieger11: Stop it.

@winters11: Haha @ellireed luckily Spot had been groomed the day before. Was tempted to give him a good braid tho