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arachnid-kid  asked:

blush, honey, witches for the asks!

blush; have you been to a concert? if so, which one(s)?
i’ve been to quite a few concerts!! fall out boy twice (and again the 21st of this month), once w/ wiz khalifa, MAX, and taylor gang, and the second time was with pvris and awolnation. also saw pvris three times, once with 30stm and muse, and panic! at the disco twice (once with weezer which was fucking!!! awesome!!). i’ve also seen seether live but they sucked lmao and i went to this shitty bar show a couple years ago in seattle.

honey; are you a very affectionate person?
with people i really like, yeah!! im also very anxious though so if idk someone very well or they’re not affectionate then no

witches; how do you like to dress?
lately i’ve lived in leggings and big t-shirts but i Love™ high waisted jeans (the only kinda high waisted jeans ive found that fit my legs are from rue 21 lol), big sweaters, and cut off tops. i also love pretty much anything from green box shop lol. and fishnets. fmu. @neutral.fleur on ig is my style icon tbh. also lynn gunn!!! my gay style icon!!!